Introducing: Community Apps

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Community Apps - a publishing platform for apps developed by the Tidbyt community :rocket:. Huge shout out to @drudge, @inxi, @joeyhoer, and @mackorone for providing early feedback so we could work out the kinks before launch. Check out a few apps they’ve published in this post.

:star2: Have a GitHub account? Please give the community repo a star!


We’ve provided a way to create apps using Pixlet but didn’t have a way to publish those apps to the broader Tidbyt user base until today. With Community Apps , developers can now publish apps to all Tidbyt users on our hosted platform. Check out this post for a lot more background on why we went in this direction.

How Do I Publish Apps?

Check out this guide on how to get started. If you’re not there already, you should join our Discord by checking out this post . We use the #community channel to organize issues and releases of the Community Apps repo.

What Types of Apps Do You Support?

Check out this guide on app philosophy to get a better understanding of what we can support in the Community Apps repo.

Feedback Wanted

Have feedback? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.


Is there a recommended way to indicate there is nothing for an app to display at this time?