Introducing: Tidbyt Developer Platform

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a developer platform for Tidbyt apps :tada:. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been releasing changes to the Tidbyt ecosystem that complete the picture on developing and publishing apps on our platform. We want to give a huge shoutout to members of our Discord who have been providing feedback every step of the way :heart:.


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What’s new?


We’ve released a reimagined development environment for Tidbyt apps. It’s web based, takes user input, and hot reloads when your source code changes. Modify your starlark source code, save your file, and see the changes instantly.



Schema provides the ability to take user input. Not only do we offer fields like toggles or a drop down, but also dynamic fields like typeahead and location based search that will call handlers inside of your starlark source code. Schema fields are available both in our editor and the Tidbyt mobile app.

:bulb: Want to authenticate with a third-party service? Check out the OAuth2 schema field!

toggle typeahead

Learn about all fields available and how to use them in our schema documentation.


We now have the ability for user submitted secrets to be available in our runtime. Simply encrypt your token using pixlet encrypt and add the value to your starlark source code when you’re ready to publish:

$ pixlet encrypt myapp "my-super-secret-auth-token"


load("", "secret")

SECRET_TOKN = secret.decrypt("AV6+xWcE4bcsrwEtQQE9pu1RzZAvokJo18LgBPjP4KnMzLaS8DdFHcFQ/hTEG4SmY9wvMoHSyiGqzePpIKNR6hBTEDseKvQNi9UMoVrbGyPQ3j7ZOIdikrBGKTSnT3oT2FIS9HPZzPFBiIfJKtD1tqCfsCTtZylNw607Wu72d5A=")

Learn more about secrets in our module documentation.


We launched Community Apps precisely 33 days ago as of today as a mechanism to publish apps developed by our community to the broader Tidbyt user base. We already have 30 apps contributed by members of our community - that’s nearly one app per day! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have over 365 apps available by the end of the year?


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How do I get involved?

Want to start creating apps for your Tidbyt? Check out Pixlet to get all of the features mentioned in this post and more. If you get stuck along the way, head on over to our Discord where Tidbyt employees and members of our community will be available to help. When you’re ready to publish - check out our Community Apps repo for next steps.

Where do I report issues?

If you have an issue with an app or Tidbyt systems, make a post right here at If you have an issue with Pixlet, please open a GitHub issue on the Pixlet repo.


This is really exciting.

Is there a place where we can try out the new web editor? I can’t find a link.

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Sorry @samandmoore! Update pixlet to 0.16.0 or later to get the updated editing experience.

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I feel like I’m missing something obvious – how do I launch the web based editor? I’m on pixlet 0.16.0.

Try to render a starlark file and it will pop up when you connect to local host link

Obviously, I’m still missing something. I know how to render the file to .webp and serve it to localhost, but I don’t know how to access the web-based live editor as shown on the second image on this page.

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The stuff on the left is just marks vscode terminal. That’s not part of the update.

The right hand section is what will now show If you render a .star file with the text entry schema.

I’m on a mac, have pixlet 0.16.0 and when I have served the .star file to localhost, it shows fine, but it doesn’t hot reload when I change the code in the .star and save. So, what am I missing?

The pixlet serve command takes a -w option to watch for changes and hot reload.


I’m not a developer but I’m just so happy to be a part of this community! I love my Tidbyt!!!


Anybody willing to give a step by step tutorial from step 1. I’m lost on how to get to pixlet even to start, so while this is interesting, the documentation is super jargony and not accessible to folks who don’t live in the coding space.

@shaunfld what operating system are you on?

MacOS Monterey! Whatever the newest thing is

This is amazing. Excited to see where this developer community goes!

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