New apps from the Tidbyt Community!

Check out some new apps contributed by some of the Tidbyt Community members! These members of the community were gracious enough to add their apps to the beta version of our community apps repo. We’re working out all the kinks so we can open it up to anyone to share their creations with the broader Tidbyt community.

Twitter Follows

By @drudge

Big Clock

By @joeyhoer

Digital Rain

By @inxi

Nyan Cat

By @mackorone


I love to see this. Hope we see more soon since I’m a technical idiot. Would love to see that Pacman one from the community also!

This is great!

What are the plans for something like this, as far as public access goes? Would we be seeing integration in the app i.e. folders with categories? Maybe that’s something to consider?

Different sections for clocks/time, weather, silly fun things, sports, transit etc.