Tidbyt dead?

After a power outage at my apartment I noticed my tidbyt wouldn’t start. The only thing it shows when plugged in are two dots on the left. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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There’s a chance the only casualty was the USB power adapter plugged into the wall. If you have any around, try using another 5V USB-C power adapter and USB-C cable to see if that fixes things. Plug directly into a known good outlet with no power strips, surge protectors, extension cables, or anything else to eliminate any other potential variables.

EDIT: Also, there was an issue with a batch of power adapters per another thread. If yours was one of them perhaps the fluctuation during the power outage pushed it over the edge. More info about that here: Tidbyt generates audible buzz / hum noise that changes when display changes

Your image didn’t load for me to see, but here’s a photo example of another user having a power adapter issue for you to compare: Screen stuck!

sorry here is a picture of the tidbyt when plugged in.

interestingly enough the colors of the two dots change for different outlets.

I’ll give your idea a try…

For anyone that sees this in the future. Via DM @timmytomster confirmed using a different power adapter/supply at the wall fixed this!