Tidbyt generates audible buzz / hum noise that changes when display changes

I unboxed my Tidbyt yesterday and after plugging it in I noticed a soft buzzing noise. The noise is constantly present but changes pitch slightly based on what the Tidbyt is displaying. It’s irritating enough that I don’t want to leave the Tidbyt powered on in my office. I’m powering my Tidbyt with the included USB-C cable and power adapter.

Has anyone else noticed their Tidbyt making noise like this? Do I have a defective unit?

I just tried using a different USB-C power adapter (the charger for a family member’s phone) and the Tidbyt doesn’t make the buzz/hum noise when powered by that adapter, so I think that the cause of the problem is the power adapter included with the Tidbyt.

We’ve had some defective power adapters in the current batch and are switching to a new supplier.

I can ship you out a new replacement power adapter. Would you mind DM’ing me or emailing [email protected] to confirm your address? Thanks!

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Thanks! I’ll send an email to support.