Tidbyt generates audible buzz / hum noise that changes when display changes

I unboxed my Tidbyt yesterday and after plugging it in I noticed a soft buzzing noise. The noise is constantly present but changes pitch slightly based on what the Tidbyt is displaying. It’s irritating enough that I don’t want to leave the Tidbyt powered on in my office. I’m powering my Tidbyt with the included USB-C cable and power adapter.

Has anyone else noticed their Tidbyt making noise like this? Do I have a defective unit?

I just tried using a different USB-C power adapter (the charger for a family member’s phone) and the Tidbyt doesn’t make the buzz/hum noise when powered by that adapter, so I think that the cause of the problem is the power adapter included with the Tidbyt.

We’ve had some defective power adapters in the current batch and are switching to a new supplier.

I can ship you out a new replacement power adapter. Would you mind DM’ing me or emailing [email protected] to confirm your address? Thanks!

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Thanks! I’ll send an email to support.

Been using my Tidbyt since I received it, and gotta say I love it. Mine also emits an audible hum that increases as I increase the brightness of the display. Does my power adapter and cable need to replaced too?

I actually own two units, but haven’t plugged in the second yet to check for the hum on it, I’ll check it and report back.

Yup, please email support for a replacement power kit. That buzz is a sign of a defective one and it can actually damage the Tidbyt over time.

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Thanks, I’ve sent an email to support.

Is there any other way to determine if you have a defective power system? My hearing is “old man” ™ and I wouldn’t hear it if it’s a slight sound or high frequency.

The most noticeable symptom is if your Tidbyt randomly turns off and you have to wiggle the USB cable to get it to turn back on.