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Hi @cmarkham20 just making sure you saw this on your NHL scores

Oh yeah. So there’s no more room to display the shootout loss number so it intentionally cuts it off that way, otherwise there would just be a dash. Simply just ran out of room.

I would be so appreciative if we could get this!

College baseball? Season starts 2/17


I know this is random, but what’s the potential that you make ECHL and AHL score apps?

I’ll see what I can do for college baseball.


Hmm I’d have to see if I can find data feeds for those sports.

Any plans for individual college basketball teams?

I’m working on a little bit of a revamp of the Scores / Standings apps right now. Perhaps I’ll tackle individual team apps after that.

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Users of my Scores Apps:

There will be a bit of an update to the scores apps coming soon. All apps are going to be reformatted so the game info will be at the top rather than the bottom. This makes it so the league name can always be displayed at the top left corner. I thought this was necessary mainly due to the the different college sports apps, and without it you may not know the difference between viewing a mens or womens college game. You do have the option of replacing the league name with the current time if you wish. Here’s how it’ll look:

Other than that, all of the other display options will remain the same, and you can still customize the color of the league name if you don’t want the default orange color.

New scores apps coming soon: Women’s College Basketball, XFL, World Baseball Classic, and Mens College Baseball!


With the NCAAM Standings app, can I make it scroll more slowly with another instance or some other means? I have it set to 3 teams per page.

Dude I love your apps. A college baseball app would make my entire life.

Don’t worry, one is coming!


Awesome workaround to show all scores slowly! This will come in handy during the season if you don’t have NFL redzone.

Thanks for the single team option for NCAAM basketball!

One small addition that would be appreciated is if you can also add a “Game Day Only” option so it is only seen on days there is a game (for that single team).

Otherwise, love it!

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Never mind, it looks like it does what I wanted already. Spoke too soon, should have tried it out for at least 24 hours before saying something. Lol.

Any chance of adding a toggle that allows you to choose between the old look and new look? I dig the new look (especially as a CBB fan) but there are times where the league isn’t a factor (i.e., today for the Super Bowl). I know can change the league to a clock, but I also really like the look of matchups when they are aligned to the top of the display as it really made them the focal point (over the league/time/game clock).

(P.S. - Still new to Tidbyt and hoping to get into the dev side soon, but your apps have really set the bar so far!)

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Big updates coming soon! Take a look on this thread: Scores Apps Update Coming Soon!


Hey, Just started using this and love it, thanks for all the hard work getting the apps going. Is there a possibility that there could be a draft app in the future that would just say run a ticker for the nfl draft showing teams by pick and who they picked as picks come in? I’m sure a lot would go into this with trades and everything but just thought I would ask.


This may not be specific to what you’re posting here but, I added the NCAAF to mine and want to follow a specific team. When I click the conference and all teams, it scrolls through the upcoming games. However, if I select a certain team within that conference it doesn’t display the upcoming game. Any advice on how to fix that?