Scores Apps Update Coming Soon!

I wanted to bring some updates to your attention involving my Sports Scores apps that will be rolling out pretty soon.

Biggest Change: No need for multiple app instances!
When the new apps are live, you’ll no longer need to have multiple instances of apps! Tidbyt has added the functionality for developers to bypass the 15 second automatic app switch, so all the apps will now have a Rotation Speed setting where you can set how long you want them to appear on the screen. The default is 5 seconds, but you’ll be able to select between 3 and 15 seconds per game.

If you currently have multiple app instances installed, you simply need to remove all but one of each app.

Only show scores for a specific team
You’ll be able to select a specific team from each league, and it will only display their scores! The default functionality is to show the previous day’s game result (if applicable), and whatever the next upcoming game is. I’ve received feedback that it would be nice to have it ONLY display while a game is in progress, which I’ll look into for a future release.

As noted on a previous forum post, the new layout will display game information on top, with the option of showing the league name, current time, or just the game information. Having the league name visible will help with confusion between all the NCAA schools.

New Apps
Once all the apps are live, the following apps will be available:


  • NFL Scores
  • NFL Standings
  • NCAA Football Scores
  • NCAA Football Standings
  • XFL Scores


  • MLB Scores
  • MLB Standings
  • World Baseball Classic Scores
  • NCAA Baseball Scores


  • NBA Scores
  • NBA Standings
  • WNBA Scores
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Scores
  • NCAA Women’s Basketball Scores
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Standings
  • NCAA Women’s Basketball Standings


  • NHL Scores
  • NHL Standings
  • NCAA Men’s Hockey Scores


  • MLS Scores
  • EPL Scores

Coming Soon!

  • Animations to the ticker
  • Option to display game stats for in-progress and completed games

That’s it for now. Thank you to all users of my apps! I welcome any feedback you may have.


This is fantastic news! Can’t wait to see these. Thank you!

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Great news… if one more could be added ncaa womens softball

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As one who lives in Las Vegas and has a sportsbook-themed man cave … these apps are the sole reason I own mutiple Tidbyts. In fact … I have friends who have purchased Tidbyts after seeing the functionality from these apps.

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One thing I have noticed is the current time on the scores app. I live in the Pacific time zone, and usually the time is correct. But on a few instances, I’m getting Eastern time on top. Clearly a minor inconvenience that I easily ignore, just thought it was worth bringing up.


All the new apps are live! You’ll notice it if all of your app instances are showing the same exact thing. Feel free to remove all instances but one for each sport that you had installed.

More updates coming soon!


As always, thanks so much for your amazing work on these. You really make my Tidbyt beautiful and useful! :slight_smile:

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What do we search for college baseball etc? I can’t find it

I just searched Baseball and it came up.


Still not showing up for me…weird

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Same here. Searching “college”, “baseball”, and “NCAAB” and it does not come up. Could be a lag in the app store for some reason?

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@cmarkham20 the update looks great! I was wondering if you could make some edits to the NBA standings app.

-is it possible to show 4 teams per view

-can there be an option to just show the conferences without going into the specific division? Just makes it easier to view for the play-in/playoff seeding


Everything is working like a charm for me!

For future updates, could you add the SPFL. I would love to see Celtic FC scores pop up on there!

Thanks for everything!

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This is exactly what I bought the Tidbyt for. A million thanks!

Still dont see the new apps are we waiting for the updaye to be in the google play stre

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Thank you so much for this. Working great for me. I was wondering if it’s possible to make the baseball team app show the 9 inning scoreboard with the RHE columns while the game is in progress, maybe? I used to have a Brookstone standalone display that I loved specifically for that and is almost the sole reason I got the tidbyt for the sports scores functionality.

Check out the Men’s Soccer App - Scottish Premiership & all the other major leagues / cups are available as options in there.

Yeah, I’ve seen that one. I just want to see Celtic FC scores instead of the whole league though. If I could select just Celtic FC, it would be perfect!

So… If I gave this as an option (or built a separate app). And you could only see the next match - is that enough? or is it next x days, look back x days? What would be the desired list?

For me - I’m a Spurs fan - so I look at it as show me EPL matches (one app), show me EPL standings (2nd app) & show me any results from 1 day ago & upcoming matches for the next 3 days (3rd app). But that’s how I think about it.

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Yes, that would work. I follow quite a few sports and to have my Tidbyt go through my specific teams for the day would be really convenient. If I want to go more into the specific league matches for the day or the standings, I would go into my ESPN or The Athletic account to look into it. I am very busy with my wife, kid, pets, work, etc., so I like to streamline my time. Just glancing over at my Tidbyt and seeing all my specific teams information would be ideal for me.

Also, COYS! I am a huge Spurs fan as well! I follow both Spurs for EPL and Celtic for SPFL.

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