Share Pixlet Apps

Hello everyone

I am wondering if anyone here has coded their own pixlet scripts yet to achieve new screens for tidbyt.

I have done a couple and curious what others have done

1 - clock with temperature and random image background, 2 variations (not the best background example on the one)
2 - 5 day weather forecast

anyone else like to share?


Love the 5-day weather forecast app! I’d definitely use that one.

I wrote a Nyan Cat app: GitHub - mackorone/tidbyt-nyan-cat: A Nyan Cat app for Tidbyt


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I just finished a simple Pokedex app: GitHub - mackorone/tidbyt-pokedex: A Pokedex app for Tidbyt

This is addicting!



Those are awesome man! I am glad you shared the code I’ve been trying to do some loops!

I’ll check out the Pokémon one soon! I’ll need to get my GitHub back up and get my pixlets out there

Built another one, a Hacker News app: GitHub - mackorone/tidbyt-hacker-news: A Hacker News app for Tidbyt



Mack I am loving these ideas! I also was looking to make a news ticker kind of thing.

I hope to find a way to “serve” the app and then run another script to pull the “served” pixlet and push it to the device. This way it is not rendered each time and does excessive api calls (caching can be used)

Thanks for sharing!!

Hi! I am not a programer and do not know how to code but I have been making simple pixel art on an app called Pixilart and saving the images to the tidbyt via the image app. The silly graphic for the image app was done this way. Here are some other fun pixel art graphics I have made when standing in line or on a train that went directly to the Tidbyt at home to amuse my partner:

This is the pixel art drawing website:


I just finished building a “word of the day” app: GitHub - mackorone/tidbyt-word-of-the-day: A word-of-the-day app for Tidbyt

The constrained display forced me to get creative…



Wow, I love the word of the day app. That’s beautiful.

Also heads up, we are working on a way to get all your apps onto devices that’s better than “push it in a cron job”. Just a lot of work to do :slight_smile:


Happy you like it! Here’s another I made: GitHub - mackorone/tidbyt-bouncing-dvd-logo: A bouncing DVD logo app for Tidbyt



Hahahaha. That’s amazing.