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Edit to update with the game icon.

I’ve just written a Steam Pixlet App:



When you’re not actively in a game, it will display a list of what you’ve played over the last two weeks. When you’re playing a game, it’ll display “Now Playing: …”.

Your steam name is displayed next to the steam logo. The game icon is displayed for the current game your playing. The Steam web API is… old.

One more update of it in action:

Code is available in my GitHub.


I created an App that displays the next five departures from a railway station in Switzerland. It shows also delays of the trains.


I finally set up a github repo for the apps I created. It includes the one I shared before as an image. You can find it at



Thanks for this man! I’m learning how to code and my first project is a date and clock! Your example will be a helpful reference.

I’ve pushed this one (Nyan cat) to my Tidbyt a few times for fun. I would love to see this one in rotation on my Tidbyt so much joy.

Push it with an installation ID and it will be added to your rotation.

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Thanks. I’ve missed that was what the installation id did!

You can also upload it as a GIF via the photos app.

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I went through all of the steps and my .webp file seems to be double the limit that the Tidbyt allows. Any idea how to fix this?

Hey everyone, just a quick FYI, it’s now possible to publish apps for other people to use: Introducing: Community Apps.

Feel free to keep sharing here (obviously), but consider adding your creations to the tidbyt/community repo so everyone can install them!


Chuck Norris “fact” app that uses

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