Google Calendar Sync Issues

Hi there, I’ve successfully linked my Tidbyt to my google calendar, but my Tidbyt keeps showing “No more meetings :)” despite more events on my calendar. Is this a settings issue or did I set it up wrong? I would love any help I can get on this!


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Sometimes we struggle with specific calendars. Could you please send me a DM with the ID of your device and I can take a look?

The device ID is available via Settings > General > Get API key.

Hi Rohan,

Thanks for the help. Because I’m new, I can’t send a PM, but I think I can reply to one. Can you shoot me a PM and I can send back my ID?


Done. And I’ll also go get rid of the silly restriction :slight_smile:

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Hi @rohan and team, thanks for being so prompt and proactive about addressing this.

I found my way to this thread because I too am having the same issue; were you able to make any headway and/or know more about the possible culprits? My calendars are hosted by a premium email provider and I’ve setup sharing permissions to allow Google to subscribe to those 6+ calendars. I’ve also connected to the Tidbyt and installed the Google Calendar app but that’s where my luck runs out with the same clock icon.

You mentioned calendar names: fwiw, each of my calendars has an emoji in the title/resultant URL for subscribing. Maybe that’s the problem?


Hi there,
I have the same problem and found following:
All events originally set up in a different calender than Google (e.g. Outlook) and then synced with Google will not be transferred to Tidbyt.
All events set up directly in Google will be transferred to Tidbyt.
Would be great having everything transferred to Tidbyt (or direct transfer from Outlook etc.).

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Just received my Tidbyt earlier this week (loving it, btw) but my calendars are also not syncing as has been described (I already have them being synced to Google from Outlook). They’re visible in the Google Calendar app on my laptop and phone but only events created in Google Calendar seem to be visible on the Tidbyt.

Thanks, PAUL

Hey all, still working on this. There are a lot of edge cases with various calendars.