Outlook Calendar Support

Would love to be able to see my outlook calendar on my Tidbyt, since that’s what I primarily use.

Subscribing to my outlook calendar through my google account doesn’t show up on the tidbyt, I think for reasons that I’ve gone into on this support thread.

I bought mine for this specific reason and it can only do Google Calendar, not Outlook. Maybe in the future?

There’s an outlook app that’s been submitted. Not sure if it’s been added yet though

This. Absolutely this. Working in the tech industry, I’m not surprised a tech startup only cares or cared about gmail. But, the reality is there is next to no reason to have a “work” category when the dominate market players aren’t supported first. As much as I wish gmail and G Suite were more pervasive, they are not. The vast majority of corporate workers are on D365. It makes you wonder if they designed this for themselves or for customers.

Based on the recent post from the Tidbyt team. It sounds like an review and release would be months away.

We are working getting this app out the door. Currently we’re trying to work out the details of getting the correct credentials from Microsoft. But it’s in progress.

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The Outlook Calendar app was approved and is now available in the Tidbyt app. Huge shoutout to Matt Pesce for putting it together!

failure, asking for enterprise permissions was not the way to go on this one.

Any idea on how a person can change the Outlook calendar the Tidbyt syncs to? I have about 3 different accounts I can pick from but the Tidbyt selected my least used email and would want it to sync to my work email/calendar instead.

I noticed this thread is still open. Is there still interest in something more with an Outlook integration? I’d be happy to implement something if there is still a need. I’ve integrated Outlook already for a status app I built.

There is an outlook calendar by @Matt already. But it could very well be missing features?

I would like to see the ability to add multiple outlook calendars. If I try to add a second one right now it just connects back the first account used and I don’t see a way to log out of the account in this app. So being able to add more of these and use diffrent logins on each would be fantastic.

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