Connecting to Dorm Wifi

Hello! I just got my Tidbyt today and I can’t seem to connect it to my dorm wifi due to myself being unable to enter my username for the school wifi. Does anyone know how this can be resolved? I’m super excited about my tidbyt but I cant use it without wifi. Thanks!

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I think by User Name, you mean that your dorm has a captive portal that requires login to access to Wifi. I don’t know if Tidbyt supports Captive Portal to gain access to a Wifi network. Maybe one of the engineers can provide details.

There are a few posts on Wifi running about. About a year ago the Tidbyt could connect to the following according to this post. Doesn’t look like they have enabled guest wifi yet though based on some recent posts.

If you know what type of wifi your dorm has that also may help the engineers help you out.

you might also try running it off of you phones wifi hotspot if it has one.

It seems that my dorm’s wifi is WPA2 Enterprise, I’m guessing that is not able to connect with the Tidbyt? There is another method that has been used with other electronics like Xbox’s that include submitting the MAC Address of the device but I don’t think that works with the Tidbyt either

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@zanary is correct, this sounds like a captive portal. Tidbyt does not support this, and it’s unlikely we will be able to.

@AtsideZ There’s a bunch of folks using Tidbyts in dorms, and the general deal is that Tidbyt should be able to connect to anything that you can connect to with an Alexa or Google Home. The two approaches that work:

  1. Many students setup their own Wi-Fi router in their room, which is connected by ethernet to the university network.

  2. The MAC address method. That totally works and it’s great that your university supports this.

Tricky part is finding the MAC address of your device. We shipped in a hurry and didn’t have time to add a barcode label to every device with the MAC address.

Options for this:

  1. I’m working on an app update to print out the MAC address on the Tidbyt phone app. This will be out soon-ish.

  2. If you download the diagnostic data from your device and send it over, I can derive your MAC address from it and tell you what it is.

Another option @AtsideZ can try is to turn on Hot Spot on a phone and then connect the Tidbyt to that WiFi. Then on the phone go in and look at the details of the connected Tidbyt.

@AtsideZ I would just run your own Wi-Fi router as suggested by @rohan. You are going to keep running into these issues with other devices, so it’ll make things easier on you. One tip I have, I know some universities don’t like you setting up your own router, so make sure you hide the SSID when broadcasting. The process would be the same, with needing to find the MAC address of the router, and then registering it in the captive portal setup by the school.

Running your own wifi router is typically against the policies at universities.