Known issues

Here’s a couple issues that we’re currently aware of:

  • Netgear C6300 router with “DMZ” mode
    This is a fairly popular router provided by Charter and other ISP’s. Unfortunately it has a bug where, if you enable “DMZ” mode, it will erroneously block traffic to our servers.

  • Firewalls that block port 123 (UDP)
    Tidbyt will not be able to connect if this port is blocked by your firewall.


@rohan, quick question on the WiFi portion of this post – I think there might be a typo in what you’ve written here? The first sentence says it can connect to WiFi networks with a password, but then the last clause of the paragraph says it can’t connect to networks with a password – is the last sentence supposed to say it can’t connect to networks without a password?

Second question – are there certain WiFi authentication types that Tidbyt supports and doesn’t support? I’d love to use it at work and connect it to our corporate network (which does have a password using WPA2 Enterprise / PEAP-MSCHAPv2 / 802.1x RADIUS authentication) – but I have a feeling that is probably not supported as of now?

My only other option would be to use our guest wifi, which doesn’t have a password – which doesn’t sound currently supported :slight_smile:

Lastly, is there a way to get the MAC address of our Tidbyt? Some users may need it to register their devices on certain networks

Oops, totally a typo, thanks for catching it! To be precise, Tidbyt can connect to networks with WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK. So no, guest wifi isn’t supported and neither is RADIUS. We can probably add support for guest wifi without too much trouble (it just hasn’t been something that folks have requested up to now).

Also, good call on the MAC address. We don’t show that right now but can add something in the app to show it to you during the setup process.

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Rohan and Team, I was hoping to use my Tidbyt at work, but my only options are a Guest wifi connection and another heavily ‘firewalled’ wifi network, so I’d love if the Guest network option could be added. Thank you!

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Just to add some info. I got my unit yesterday and I had some WiFi issues. I saw on another thread the port 123 issue so I figured that could be the problem since I was able to use my phone hotspot to connect.

I have an Archer A20 router, which requires an IP address to enable port forwarding (they call the setting virtual servers)

I was able to get the mac address from the hotspot connection to assign a reserved IP address to the unit so I was able set the port forwarding for port 123 UDP. Works fine now! Love the device, looking forward to writing an app.

Leaving this here for anyone else who has the same issue.

i’m attempting to keep all smart devices partitioned off on guest wifi network, so access there would be awesome. thanks

I got a new wifi router that came with a new wifi network name and my Tidbyt only says “connecting” and doesn’t move on. I can’t figure out a way for it to fully initialize. Any ideas?

You have to factory reset the device and reconnect with the phone app through bluetooth, then set it up as an entirely new device profile. Hold reset button on the back for 5-10 seconds while applying power to factory reset.

Launch Countdown app is not recording the proper date. Says falcon nine is launching on the 15th it’s actually launching on the 14th. Can you let me know how to reach out to the maker of the app?