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Just submitted the new AccuWeather app for code review at New App: AccuWeather by sudeepban · Pull Request #1822 · tidbyt/community · GitHub!

@rohan I submitted my code review two weeks ago but haven’t gotten any feedback - anything you can do to help move things along? I’m also curious how I can address the automated check failure I mentioned at New App: AccuWeather by sudeepban · Pull Request #1822 · tidbyt/community · GitHub, related to schema params that the user needs to specify.

The code review went through and this app is live! Search for AccuWeather to add, let me know if you have any issues. The forecast quality should be quite a bit better than the stock Tidbyt weather app (which uses OpenWeatherApp), and this AccuWeather app shares the same weather icon images as that app.

Hi! Thanks for the beautiful app. It works as expected. One question and one suggestion:

  1. Question: do you have any data on how many queries the app does in Accuweather per hour or day? The free account allows up to 25 queries/day.
  2. Suggestion: Is there any chance we get the option for Celcius? Some of us live in the rest of the world…

So glad to hear you like the app and that it’s working as expected! The API query caches the result for 1 hour, so it shouldn’t make more than 24 requests in one day

Good point regarding an option for Celsius! I can try to add that this week sometime, should be a pretty quick and easy change I think.

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Submitted the code review for supporting Celsius at Add schema option for displaying AccuWeather temperature forecast in Celsius by sudeepban · Pull Request #1982 · tidbyt/community · GitHub!

Code review was approved, Celsius option should now be available.

Thank you, works like a charm! I like the colour coding of the high/low temperature!
Quick question: the arrow symbol underneath what actually shows? Looks like showing if the temperature is going up or down compared with the previous day?

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Ah no, that actually shows the wind direction. Left to right mean blowing west to east, for example.

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Sudeepban, I got the free api as well your app not working for me, any idea what may be doing wrong, I did post seperately on this same issue, think titles accuweather worrking for anyone…if i recall last night i posted it.

Interesting, what happens in your AccuWeather app? You think you have a valid API key and location ID?

I just saw your post at AccuWeather Working for anyone. Are you able to share a screenshot of what you see? Puzzled by a cloud with a slash through it, not sure what’s going on there…

I used api key in web browser and did return data, so not sure why not working, Ill try removing and readding after power cyceing the tidbyt device.


What am I doing wrong?

For location key I am using: 336184

should I be using a different key or the one in the response via browser which is

Key 1987_PC
Type PostalCode

What are you seeing happen exactly? Your API key (Hp2BwO27SaG7mIAYiTDOBPltWovH4pJB) and location key (336184) both look good, based on the response I’m getting from, which is what the app queries.

Thank you for following up - I am sorry I should have updated my post. What I found was that in my API key field I had the entire URL for Accuweather with the API key embedded. Once I removed the URL and only input the API key into the APP things worked great. Originally I was getting the cloud icon with a dash through it but now I see my local weather. Great APP Thank you!

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Ah, that’s great to hear! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi - I am excited to use the AccuWeather app - but not sure the correct way to request an API Key. Is it filling out the “Add App” form as attached? I have already created an AccuWeather API account.

Yup that’s right, it’s a little quirky. See the attached screenshot for my ‘app’ details.

Thank you. Up and running!

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