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My weather apps seem to be inaccurate. Not aligning with any of the other weather apps I use. Off by 5 degrees or more and forecasting rain when every other app is forecasting 0% chance.

Just curious if there is a location mix up.


I’m having the same issue. The weather info isn’t even close to reality, and doesn’t match what any weather services are saying.

If this forum focuses on the official app, I would like to share some points of improvement here. I would add that even at night, the weather app behaves in a way that displays information inaccurately in relation to the time of day. For example, instead of showing clear skies showing the moon icon, it shows the sun icon. It needs to be fixed asap.


I’ve also been seeing similar things with the stock Tidbyt Weather app. The app looks great, but it consistently seems to show rain in the forecast when all other weather sources indicate little or no chance of rain. It’s a bit of a downer.

Anybody know what weather source this app uses behind the scenes?

Agreed on this one. The weather app is beautiful but not very accurate.

Might be a threshold setting - we only have a 3% chance of rain today, but it’s showing clouds/rain on the screen.

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Same situation here, the temperature in the forecast is wildly different than any other weather sources. Comparing what it is showing and some different sources, it looks like it might be using It would be nice if the app would allow an option to choose a different source and add an API key if needed so Tidbyt doesn’t have to absorb that cost.

I’m actually working on exactly that myself now, making good progress on a new Tidbyt weather app using AccuWeather’s very nice forecast API. It would require each user to punch in a free API key to get them 50 requests per day.


I just got my Tidbyt a few weeks ago. I love it, but have noticed the same weather issue as reported here. The temperature forecast is often much higher (10+ degrees) than the actual for my area. Unfortunately I don’t have coding skills but would be glad to test out any new apps if anyone is willing to share. The current Tidbyt weather app has a great look, but I agree that the forecast data from openweathermap is disappointing.

Great idea! I just added that exact solution as a feature request. Feel free to vote for it if you would like!

Hey all. Confirming that we use OpenWeathermap as the data source. We used to use Dark Sky but switched to OpenWeatherMap after Apple purchased Dark Sky and changed the interface and pricing.

Before switching to OpenWeatherMap, we ran an internal analysis that showed it to be quite close to our previous forecasts, so we went with it. However, I have heard from a number of people now who feel that the new forecasts are not as accurate. I’m aware of this and looking into alternative options for the main weather app.

@sudeepban What you’re developing sounds like a great alternative for folks who have an AccuWeather key. Looking forward to seeing it!


Super helpful background info on the current weather app, thanks. See attached for an image of the current AccuWeather app I have under development! Hoping to have this out for code review in the not too distant future…


We are having the same problem, thank you!

@rohan random question, would it be possible to use the same weather icons that the default Tidbyt weather app uses? Was wondering if those are readily available for potential reuse in my app. Also, do you know what font the default app uses for the day of the week text? Thanks!

Sure here are the icons:

I think each day of the week is a hand-drawn image.


@rohan appreciate the base64 for the icons, very helpful. Are there equivalents for the day of week hand-drawn images? I really like how short but still readable the days of the week are in the default app, it saves a bunch of real estate that way. Was trying the Tom Thumb font but the “N” looks too much like an “M” to me.

EDIT: thinking the “CG-pixel-3x5-mono” font may actually work OK for the day of week…

Just submitted the new AccuWeather app for code review at New App: AccuWeather by sudeepban · Pull Request #1822 · tidbyt/community · GitHub!

@rohan I submitted my code review two weeks ago but haven’t gotten any feedback - anything you can do to help move things along? I’m also curious how I can address the automated check failure I mentioned at New App: AccuWeather by sudeepban · Pull Request #1822 · tidbyt/community · GitHub, related to schema params that the user needs to specify.

The code review went through and this app is live! Search for AccuWeather to add, let me know if you have any issues. The forecast quality should be quite a bit better than the stock Tidbyt weather app (which uses OpenWeatherApp), and this AccuWeather app shares the same weather icon images as that app.

Hi! Thanks for the beautiful app. It works as expected. One question and one suggestion:

  1. Question: do you have any data on how many queries the app does in Accuweather per hour or day? The free account allows up to 25 queries/day.
  2. Suggestion: Is there any chance we get the option for Celcius? Some of us live in the rest of the world…

So glad to hear you like the app and that it’s working as expected! The API query caches the result for 1 hour, so it shouldn’t make more than 24 requests in one day

Good point regarding an option for Celsius! I can try to add that this week sometime, should be a pretty quick and easy change I think.

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