Tides App

Would like to be able to see my tide charts on my Tidbyt


I second that. Having the high and low tides would be great.

Knowing when to take the dog for a walk on the sand rather than pebbles at the beach, nice.

I second this request.


Yes! I added a similar request -

Tides & weather, similar to https://tides.app/

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YES! this would be amazing.

@rohan Is the company considering making an official tides app ? I’ve been looking around and there are no free tide APIs that allow for search on lat/long. NOAA gives US data out for free but doesn’t have a location search via lat/long.

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I know it’s been a bit. But I second this. Would like to see if this is possible.

I second this request as well. Maybe a tides, sunrise/sunset combo app

The NOAA tides app is done and available now.

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