Tides & Weather

High Tide / Low Tide / Weather

Would love to see what the local tides are and whether it’s a good tome to go surfing / fishing / boating / etc!

Can use the openly accessible NOAA Tides API:


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Tides high/low would be super helpful

Hi folks,

This is a great idea! I looked through a few tide apps for iOS to get an idea what folks expect on this front. On the Tidbyt, it might be nice to display the tide chart for the day with a marker for the current time. We’d also display the current swell height and the location if we can fit it. I’m thinking something like this:

What do you all think? Did you have something else in mind? Would love your feedback.


Honestly, this would be dope. I think that’s enough info for some quality surf reporting

@J0hnnyonthespot My NOAA Buoy Swell app is live now. It shows basic swell data from a buoy that reports swell information. So not a surf report exactly but at least indication of swell activity in your area.
Go here to find the buoy id you’re interested in National Data Buoy Center

However, a lot of people are trying to use my app for other weather data like wind and temperature which it currently does not support.

I’m also interested in your take on the two wave height measurement metrics available on the noaa site.
A friend of mine claims that swell height it close to actualy surf height compared to significant weight hieght. The two metric are described here NDBC - Measurement Descriptions and Units.

Yes, I would buy a Tidbyt if I could get a tide display like what you have sketched here.

I love the buoy app. One thing I’d love to see is the times for high and low tide as an option.

Agreed! I love how that design is laid out.