Tidbyt Screen Died

Hi all, so to keep it short my Tidbyt’s screen has died and it won’t turn back on. It started when I unplugged my Tidbyt because I had to move the table that I had it on and when I plugged it back only two pixels lit up and the rest of the screen was black. The two pixels were blue and white and were located on the far right of the screen. I then reset my Tidbyt by unplugging it again and pressing the blue button on the back for five seconds and after I did the two lit pixels shut off and the screen is still not turning back on. I go off to college in a few weeks and I was looking forward to showing my new roommate my Tidbyt so I would love to get this solved as soon as possible. Thank You

Hey @disantis19, another user had a similar issue and it turned out to be the wall outlet power supply. Try plugging your Tidbyt into a known good USB power supply and see if that works!

Per one of the Tidbyt team, they did say one of their suppliers provided a faulty batch of these at some point. Hit them up at [email protected] and they’ll probably be able to confirm if that’s the case and help you out with a new one.