Tidbyt logo loop?

Sent an email to support yesterday, but thought I’d post it here as well in case anyone has had the same issue…I’m guessing I’m SOL on my prior app settings:

Hello Tidbyt team,

Our Tidbyt had functioned perfectly since taking it out of the box, but I awoke this AM to find it stuck in a logo loading loop, which was a first. It seemed as if the unit had reset itself overnight at some point, but it couldn’t get past the Tidbyt logo screen, so I unplugged it for a few seconds hoping that would do the trick, but it ended up making it worse in that it couldn’t even get to the logo at that point.

I then gave the small button on the back a push, and that did seem to reset the unit fully, but now it wants me to run through the initial setup again. Is there any way I can get the unit up and running again with all the apps and settings I already had in place, or do I need to remove the device from the app and add it again as if it were brand new?

If you setup the Tidbyt as a new device, we can transfer the old app installations and settings over… as long as you do not delete the “old” device in the app.

Thanks Rohan…I do have the original device and app setup still in the app, and I went ahead with creating a “new” device as well. May I ask for next steps?

This should be taken care of now, I’ll follow up with you by email to confirm.

Hi Rohan,

Thank you for the update… unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to login to the Tidbyt app any more for some reason. I did try resetting the password, but it keeps telling me “something went wrong” upon trying to login with the new credentials. What shall I do from here?

It looks like there was an error during the copying process that caused this. I’ve fixed it and you should be good to go now, please let me know if you still can’t login.

Ok, here’s the latest: I am able to log in to the mobile app now, and I see the “two” devices with matching Tidbyt app setups that you’d copied from one to the other, but on the unit itself I’m back to square one in that it’s stuck on the logo loop, not displaying any of the apps I have in place. It will display an app if I add it as a new app to my feed, but none of the other show up.

Do I need to start over with the app setup at this point?

Would you mind adding or removing any app on the “new” one? I think that should get it working.

Sorry this is a pain, we are still working on making it a first-class feature.

Actually, I did just that right after sending my last note. I re-added the Tidbyt weather app as though it were new to the cycle and that did get that one app up and running again, but none of the others. Luckily, I am now able to get them all back (so far) by making an adjustment to the timing of each app and saving each individually.

With that, I think I’ve got it from here, but one last question: now that I have two device profiles, does it matter which one I keep?

Thanks for all your help!

Hey There,

I’m having the same issue :frowning:

Got my Tidbyt a few days ago and set it up just fine. Left it unplugged for a bit while I decided how to wallmount it, and when I plugged it back in it gave me the “connecting…” but then just loops the Tidbyt logo screen.


I’ve had my Tidbyt for a few months and it just started doing this today. Unplugging didn’t help. Any solution?

Having this issue too today.

Hey folks, we had some technical issues just now, but things should be coming back up now

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I am having the same issue. Just keeps trying to connect over and over and showing the Tidbyt screen.

I’m having this issue out of the blue. How do I fix it?

I often just unplug and plug the device back in and it often helps get it back working after a wifi/power outage.

I had to disable Minimum Data Rate Control in my Unifi router to fix the issue.

Had this exact issue. The TIDBYT screen just cycles over and over. The factory reset did not work. The app gets part way through and just says “Something went wrong” and the unit stays bricked. Very sad. I was loving this thing.

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Woke up this morning to the exact same thing…in the logo loop. Power cycling isn’t fixing it. Is the service down?

Haven’t had a single issue with my Tidbyt for months and wake up to the logo loop issue. I’ve reset it, removed the device in the app, disconnected and reconnected to Wi-Fi, and still nothing. My phone app doesn’t recognize my Tidbyt anymore. No power outages or Wi-Fi disconnects in the night that could have caused this. Super bummed my Tidbyt isn’t working now :frowning: