Tidbyt logo loop?

Same issue here. Woke up this morning to the logo loop after months of perfect performance.

Me too, my unit is stuck in the startup loop.

I have one that is looping the logo as well. It was working yesterday and I unplugged it. Plugged it in this morning and it loops the logo.

Another one I have is working okay but it has been plugged in continuously.

@rohan I awoke this morning to find both of my Tidbyts stuck on the logo loop. What’s the process to resolve this?

there’s an outage - they are working on it.


Looks to be working OK now.

Yup, my Tidbyt that’s upstairs is back online. Haven’t checked the unit downstairs but I expect it to be good.

Hey folks, we had an outage due to an expired security certificate. It began around 8:30 AM US Eastern time and was resolved a little before 10 AM US Eastern.


Well it has not fixed my TIDBYT. It’s no longer responding to the app. I tried add/removing apps and it’s stuck on permanently showing one, locked in place. This outage really messed things up.

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You might want somebody to write down and set a Google Calendar reminder for when your certs expire.

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@DaveF Do you have an app “pinned” by chance (when you hold it down and select “Pin”).

Regarding the certificate expiration, we do have monitoring in place for most certificates but unfortunately missed this one. We’re now working on follow-ups to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I couldn’t get the apps to reconnect. Like the device was there, but it wouldn’t show up on the unit. I deleted everything in the app and started over. That fixed it.

A nice to have: when the server goes down, have the unit say that to the user. Then we don’t go nuts thinking our box is broken. I was thinking I’d have to toss it or something. Think about the user point of view. It could just say “TIDBYT servers are having trouble today, we’ll be back soon” and at least I wouldn’t have thought it was the hardware.

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Agree — I was worried about warranty and all sorts of things. A simple, clear message would’ve eased a lot of concerns about replacing an expensive unit.

I may have missed it, but an in app notification or system status dashboard would help in these scenarios where an outage may affect performance.

I am ok with the unit looping over the logo in these situations. It could even say something to the effect of “check Tidbyt app for important news” under the logo.

They do have a status site - https://status.tidbyt.com/

Thanks, bookmarking this.