Tidbyt Discord

Is there a Discord? If not, should we consider one? Might be great especially for developers.

Check out this response from @rohan:

Weird, I searched for “Discord” and nothing came up. Thanks!

Created this one: https://discord.gg/DzvpY76H

Can transfer ownership over to @rohan & team or delete it completely if they spin up an Official one.

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Ownership has been transferred! Huge shoutout to @ToWn3r for setting this up.

TL;DR - we now have a Tidbyt Discord! Shoutout to @ToWn3r for making it happen. Also, huge shout out to @connor and others for offering to do the same. I suppose the adage of ask for forgiveness rather then permission holds true here :sweat_smile:

What is it?

Instant messages organized in channels - think Slack or IRC but full of members of the Tidbyt community

How do I join?

Follow the link created by @ToWn3r : https://discord.gg/DzvpY76H

Where do I ask questions?

This discussion forum will get priority support and Discord will be best effort for the time being. We will also encourage conversations that hit a critical mass in Discord to become a post on this forum. So for now, posting to the forum is still the blessed way to generate discussion.


It seems like the invite link has expired (or I don’t have permission).

Sorry @TransSee - try this one: https://discord.gg/r45MXG4kZc

I set this link to never expire

Slashdot discussion on why Discord isn’t a suitable replacement for support forums like these:

Coming from one of the oldest tech forums out there…

And as the admin of a 20K+ member forum, I totally disagree.

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AOL chat rooms were the superior solution!!!

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hahahahahahaha i haven’t seen you since efnet or freenode bro but yeah i completely agree wsith you disagreeing :smiley: