The ability to push an update without switching apps

It would be nice if you were able to use the API to push an update to an installed app without causing the Tidbyt to immediately show that app. Of course, the update would show when the app naturally appears in the rotation.

The push operation now accepts a background parameter. Set it to true and the image will be pushed in the background, without interrupting the applet that’s being displayed in the foreground.


Can this also be an option for pushing with pixlet?

Sure. Just added it in the v0.8.1 release:

pixlet push --background

Awesome! That will be handy.

This is great and seems to be working perfectly. I did fine one issue in the --help text though @rohan

The Usage bit still shows installationID as not using a flag. It’s a piddly nitpick but figured I’d mention that.

$ pixlet push -h
Pushes a webp image to a Tidbyt device

  pixlet push [device ID] [webp image] [installationID] [flags]

      -t, --api-token string         Tidbyt API token
      -b, --background               Don't immediately show the image on the device
      -h, --help                     help for push
      -i, --installation-id string   Give your installation an ID to keep it in the rotation