Tabs for the app

I believe tabs would be great.

Click a different tab and it has all the different things you want for that day or certain time/event.

Instead of clicking each app and scheduling them if you have tabs you can put what apps you what showing in certain tabs instead of having everything mushed into one!

For example:

sport tab where I’d place all my sport score apps and news.

I request this because I have a ton of apps installed and you just never know when you only want to see a certain subject of things!

Scrolling thru and hiding each app I don’t want to see sucks! If we have certain tabs that we put the apps in we want to see with the ability of only displaying that tab of apps it could be a big help for users!

I’m hoping this is one of the next updates! This is the third time I’ve seen a similar option requested in the short time I’ve been on here. Some call them groups, some call them screens. It’s all the same idea and it makes a lot of sense.


Vote up!! Let’s get this done!!! It’s a must!

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Yes! Totally agreed. I’d love to have different groups of apps that I can run at different times depending on the context of what I’m doing. Especially for sports scores, would be great to only run those the day that games are on. I don’t need them in my feed for the whole week.


Lets get some tabs for Tidbyt! Easy to put into the app and very useful!