Stock app

Having an issue once again with the stock ticker updating with the current price. I’ve tried restarting, uninstalling and then setting up again…none of which corrects the problem. It used to update the current price rather quickly, now I’m lucky if it updates the price once every 5 minutes.

Update- same thing is happening again today (June 4th). It might be updating the stock price once every 7! minutes or so…before it was updating once or twice a minute. The feature’s kind of useless if it’s only updating every 7 minutes…

Does anyone from Tidbyt actually pay attention to the support questions anymore? :angry:

It’s been a week now, and still no improvement. I tried all the different resets, no difference. The stock prices are only updating once every 8 minutes, there’s no way that that is acceptable.
Obviously there’s a problem with Tidbyt’s own Stock app, and you would think that they would make sure that their own apps are working properly…but apparently in this case no. If they’re not even going to pay attention to their first generation units anymore, what’s the incentive for me to even think of buying the second generation?