Spotify override switch

When streaming on Spotify I want that app to have priority over everything else. Maybe an override option that you can toggle!

100% this. I would love if Spotify is active, that’s the only thing that’s displayed on my Tidbyt. Once I stop playing, it can go back to my other rotating apps (e.g. time, weather, news).


I basically entered a feature just like this before seeing this requests, I might have to close my request. Broadly this idea could be used for various situations that trigger an app to take priority of the display.


+100 for this idea. It rotates too fast to fully identify the song. This was probably my number 1 use case for Tidbyt when purchasing it. Feels like it would make for a really nice companion display


Created an account strictly to comment on this feature. I would buy 2+ additional tidbyts if this was an option. It would be amazing!

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I don’t particularly want the Spotify app to have priority so that you don’t see any other apps, but I would like the Spotify app to be pushed to the front of the rotation order at the start of each track. This way when a tune starts playing, the Spotify app immediately displays telling you what the track is. It then cycles through the apps as normal, displaying the Spotify app periodically,. When the next track begins the Spotify app then gets inserted to appear next in the rotation. This way the Spotify app gets a higher display priority when music is playing, but does not prevent other apps from showing.

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Why not both? I’m in the camp where I’d want it to override everything while music is playing, so would welcome a toggle to allow this action, and disable it if you don’t.

And I do like your suggest as well for it moving up in the queue when a track changes. I think that would make sense for many current and forthcoming apps where data is more dynmic than something like the weather.


I agree it would be good to have the option for certain apps to take over the display while they are in use.

I created a separate feature request for pushing time-sensitive apps to the front of the queue: Feature Request: Apps can be pushed to the front of the queue

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