Sports Scores app request

It finally merged today and I LOVE the changes. It makes the information so much quicker for me to process, and I am really grateful for what you did and how willing and able you were to do it so quickly.

Thank you so much for all you add to this community.

I saw it got merged today! Glad it got activated on the app too!

Glad the grey works for you too!

Quick question on this app … see that MLS/NWSL/WNBA have been added. Any chance of short-term adds of the EPL and college football/basketball? EPL kicking off this weekend and college football three weeks away. Thanks!

I know another person is working on doing some college scores for football and possibly basketball, the concern I have with that at the moment is all of the possible games you’d never be able to scroll through them.

I also may be switching data source for a few sports, so it could be a little bit before I get to it.

I’ll definitely take a look into the soccer stuff though and eventually may be able to get the college stuff in there.

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Thanks pineapple - much appreciated. With the college scores … perhaps individual scrolls for each conference and/or the Top 25? Would limit things to at max 16 scores per scroll.

So after trying to source data from another source, realized I’d just leave it for now.

I actually already have EPL and NCAAF pulled and NCAAM should be pretty easy. There will be no guarantee that names won’t be cutoff as for space saving I have only grabbed the first three letters of each team, which honestly should be sufficient.

I have the data technically pulled, but we’ll see how everything looks when the season starts, I think I’m going to leave it with the top 25 for now to check for any kinks. I’ll probably submit a PR today, but I make no promises on there being no bugs and what not.

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Excellent and thank you! On the NCAAF I assume the process for individual conferences would then be similar to the Top 25? Maybe? Of course … it’s easy for me to say because I have no idea what I’m doing here. Anyway … thanks.

I’m just grabbing the default data provided. I may be able to add conferences in, but it would get messy with later post season stuff as I think the site I’m using automatically adjusts for stuff like that. Plus there’s just going to be a lot of data.

This should at least be somewhat useful.

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More than somewhat useful and much appreciated.

PR submitted here

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