Ship dates

Update, an hour after I posted this I got an email saying that it’s shipping soon! I’m very excited, according to the email soon means a few days…

Couldn’t agree more, been so happy with it so far.

Just got notified that my Tidbyt is now Shipping!

We’re fully caught up and have shipped all existing orders.

Still have a few more in stock, so if you want another one, now’s your chance :wink:


Just got mine! :tada: can’t wait to use it!

What are we going to do now without the biweekly “when is my order shipping” threads?

Got mine. Well shit now I want another for my office

Order one they have them in stock!

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Just ordered another one

Just got mine delivered today! Loving it so far!

Finally got my Tidbyt after a year of waiting! Had someone bring it to me from the US, and their planned trip was postponed by six months. But it’s been well worth the wait, I’m thrilled so far!

I know this is unlikely to get any response for certain, but does the team have any idea when the next batch of factory seconds might be available?

I’d love to give 2-3 as gifts - and the factory seconds will do more than fine. The price point is just slightly above what I can budget for gifts, and these would be a guaranteed smash hit for my intended recipients.

Doubt it Unless they receive another batch that gets wrecked in transit.

Hi Tidbyt community

What’s the rough delivery turnaround time for international orders?

I’m based in Australia and ordered a Tidbyt on 19th July 2022.

Really excited, just wondering if it’s a 1 month thing or 2-6month thing.


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Hey everyone! I ordered mine (in the #13100s) early August. Do you know how long wait time and ship time is currently? Looking forward to using it!