Ship dates

When are the first kickstarter TidByt’s expected to ship?

Hey Brad! For Kickstarter fulfillment we’re expecting delivery in June or July.

We’ve been doing small batches up to this point but now we’re doing a large batch at a production manufacturer, so we get a large number off the line at once. The flip-side of that is that it takes a few months to run the whole batch and then ship it out.

I’m looking at trying to speed up the process by purchasing more components and materials in advance, so I’ll keep you posted if this timeline changes.


Hey Rohan,

Is this the same for those who bought the $1 down for $149 deal?

My bad if this is a dumb question. Ill be however patient if I need to be!

Not a dumb question at all! I’m working on our communication to make things clearer.

But yup it’s the same deal and the same timeline (just you’ve locked in the discounted price by reserving now).


Epic. Excited for it!

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Just wanted to post an update here. Prior to launching the Kickstarter, we updated our delivery estimate to September. A few things went into this:

  1. Our woodshop is reporting a huge backlog on getting North American walnut from their lumber supplier. Like on the order of 1-2 months. I guess now that the economy is picking back up, everybody is trying to make furniture or something? :man_shrugging:

  2. Our manufacturing adviser is reporting a huge delay in shipping. Apparently getting goods from the factory in Shenzhen to the fulfillment center could take as long as two months now. It’s actually kind of completely insane:

  3. We just decided to be more conservative in communicating these things. I’m ever an optimist, but we decided to communicate a date that we can definitely hit and try to beat— rather than a date that we believe we can hit but then might leave people disappointed.

Still looking into options for moving up the timeline, like using air freight. I’ll keep posting here as we have updates.

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That’s a good approach

rohan, do these ship dates (estimates) apply to those who who ordered from your site (rather than kickstarter)? I preordered from the Tidbyt site in April (#3287) and was curious when to guestimate.

Hey Adam, thanks for the pre-order and great question.

You should’ve seen a pre-order delivery estimate at checkout. We’re shipping everything in the order that we received the orders, so Kickstarter units first. Aiming for October for the first batch of post-Kickstarter orders.

As always, will keep you posted if that changes.

Hey Rohan, thank you for continuing to be on the ball with updates and responses. Wanted to check in again from our communication from late June to see when you’d estimate shipping for non-kickstarter, Tidbyt site orderers, like me #3287. Best - A

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@rohan trying again to see when my Tidbyt, #3287 (though the Tidbyt ewebsite, NOT kickstarter) would be shipping out. Thanks -Adam

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@adamw Hi Adam,

First off, I want to apologize for the pretty obvious delay here. Clearly we haven’t been able to make it for October :frowning:

I recently sent an update by email to all non-Kickstarter customers, hoping you saw that. Here’s the Kickstarter version of it: Tidbyt: The Retro Display from the Future by Tidbyt, Inc. » Hello from Canada! Manufacturing and shipping updates. — Kickstarter

Basically, we’ve started shipping out Kickstarter orders and are just continuing to work through stuff. Since posting that update, we’ve gotten our shipping and freight situation figured out, but are just in a waiting game for trucks and airplanes at this point. That makes it difficult to give you a specific date for any particular order #.

I wish I had at a more specific answer for you. At this point, I’m throwing myself into getting everything shipped out by the end of the year.


Just curious if there are any updates on shipping. I received the email asking for my address on October 18, but I’ve not gotten anything yet. I know there are tons of issues going on right now, I just wanted to make sure something didn’t get shipped and lost in the mail.



Hey Kelly! We’re sending out a shipping confirmation email with every order that ships. Still trying to get things churned out. We are definitely having the same issues that everyone is with freight and shipping backlogs, but we’re working through it.


Thanks for writing. I completely understand everything you all are up against. It’s the same for us where I work. Happy Holidays

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Are you able to offer specifics on where you are in the list… if original order number is indication of where I am in the list I’m sub 2000.

Please forgive, i’ve got PTSD from backing things kickstarter.



Do you think it is realistic to hope receiving it for Christmas?


Yannick #5342

Hi so I’m moving this Sunday (Dec 5th) out of state, how can I change my shipping address?

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Any shipping updates? I ordered from Tidbyt when it still said “Pre-Order for December Delivery” because the kickstarter was already over when I found out about Tidbyt. Its now the middle of December so im wondering if it will still be delivered in December or delayed until later? I wanted to give it to my brother for his birthday on January 9th but I noticed that now it says “Pre-Order for January Delivery” on the page.

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Thank you so much for your order, and I’m really sorry about the delay. We started shipping units in late October, but it’s going to take some time to get through our order backlog.

There’s so much outside our control and we’d be foolish to try to predict when a specific order will arrive. Please check out our latest Kickstarter update, it provides so many more details then I can provide here.

We are working as quickly as we can to get every order out. As always, your pre-order is fully refundable . Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.