Ship dates

I’ll be moving in early February - do we have a line of sight on the end of the shipping window?

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Tidbyt arrived this AM!

I ordered mine in early September with a November estimate for Xmas gift. Doesn’t look like it will come in time for the birthday.

I’ll be moving in early February too… :smiley:

Were you the first 1000? I’m curious where the queue is at this point.

Number 811, so they are working through it.

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I’m backer #3940 and mine are en route. I saw this posted on Kickstarter.

Im backer #3410 but I still dont have a ship date!

@rohan checking in again,
non-kickstarter (tidbyt site) order number #3287
haven’t received an email indicating shipping or confirming address.
Are we thinking it will happen in January?

thanks as always


Rohan, you mention being past backer 4000, but my order is #3287 and I haven’t been contacted and did not order multiple units.

@Rohan, saw above that you mention being past backer #4000 in shipping, but my order is #3287 and I haven’t been contacted about shipping/address and did not order multiple units.

Any ETA for the order #'s in the low 5700’s?

@rohan Order# 4109, any ETA?!?

I have #3704 - no updates, no shipping, no tracking

Hey folks, for specific order #'s and status, would you mind emailing [email protected] with your details?

In general, we’re still waiting on a huge shipment from China for our next batch to go out. Once we have the parts from China, we can get things shipped within 10 days. I really, really want to give you a specific date, but I can’t until we have these parts in hand.

With huge shipments like this, FedEx doesn’t really give us a delivery date until it’s just about outside our door. Kind of crazy how big this shipment is:

Last I heard from them, it should be in the air today. But shipment schedules have changed on us before, so it’s really no guarantee until it arrives out our facility.

I was too late to the kickstarter campaign, but I ordered in October because it said “Delivery in November.” I figured it would be a good anniversary gift for my wife in late November.

That day came and went, and so I got something else.

Then, the pre-order page said “Delivery in December.” I was hopeful that maybe it would make it before Christmas, and it would make a good Christmas gift for my wife.

Well, that day also came and went, and so I got something else.

Now that January is effectively over, maybe, just maybe, I can get this in time for a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife?

I have my hopes that this thing will be here in time for her birthday in May. Maybe I should temper my expectations and anticipate a possible delivery date to gift it to her for our next anniversary in November? Or am I being too optimistic with that delivery estimate too?


Check with your wife. Maybe she is delaying things to get more presents. :smile:

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Hi There,

I’m backer #5,432 and am wondering when my Tidbyt is scheduled to be shipped out.

Hopefully right after mine ships – I’m 5431…
Maybe just in time for Christmas 2022?

Anyone done any ‘ski conditions’ from local resort? In my case, Sugarbush in VT.

I’m so sorry guys. Part of our shipment seems to have finally made it to North America, so things are moving. I wish we had more control over freight shipping but we pretty much just hand off the stuff to FedEx Freight (or whoever) and just wait anxiously for it to show up.


I’m 3811 and haven’t gotten mine yet. Kinda meh at this point. Seems like a scam tbh.