Ship date?

I apologize if this is not the correct area to post… but I’m getting excited for my Tidbyt to ship, but when? I ordered sometime in September and it said October ship date. I have received no follow ups… is this company shipping units fairly timely? Or must I wait :pensive:


I have the same question! Hoping it comes before baseball season is over…


Would love to hear an update on this too.

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Would like the same information as well!

I reached out to Tidbyt and they stated they are looking to ship all October orders by the end of the week of the 16th!


Ordered mine 9/1 with the same October shipping promise and was notified that it was shipped yesterday 10/7 via USPS. Shipping updates indicate that it will be delivered on 10/11.

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I did get the same email (just yesterday). Let’s hope :slight_smile:

Update… I received it today.


All I can say is it’s worth the wait!!!


What’s your favorite app or feature? Still waiting for mine :roll_eyes:

Enjoying it so far and stating the obvious, perhaps, but I really love the clean, beautiful, and consistent look of LunchBox’s highly configurable sports scores apps. So very cool and incredibly well presented - particularly the team colors, logos, and option to display records or gambling odds.

Also - something I hadn’t expected to appreciate so much is the stocks app, especially the red/green line chart. Really stands out and adds to the effectiveness of the app.

I’m surprised that I found myself adding and keeping the Twitter timeline app. If only I could figure out how to see new tweets in their entirety.

Finally - not an app - but the ability to configure my Tidbyt to transform into a basic digital clock at bedtime is a critically important feature for me. Nicely done.


Thanks for this feedback! I bought one for my office, but now considering one for home. Ordered one for Christmas for my computer science engineering major son who said, “that looks neat” … still waiting on my shipment :tired_face:

Dang lucky you. I ordered mine 9/2 and no activity yet

Ordered 9/13 and recently got an email saying it looked to be on track to ship by the end of October.

Updated to say that I’m still waiting :pensive:

Mine just shipped from NJ - excited

I got the same notification.Yeah!

You will NOT be disappointed.

Ordered mine on 9/29. Got an email about a week ago saying that it was on track to ship late October. Hopefully I can’t get some tracking info in the next few days!

Or take it back and forth with you and entertain other commuters on the way! Haha.