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Is there a possibility of having an app that lets you input a RSS feed link. My frustration currently is that I would want RSS feed from Spanish-speaking news sources in Latin America. Sadly, even if I waited, I don’t think an app as such will ever come out on Tidbyt due to obvious prevalence of English content. If I could only input an RSS feed link and call it a day that would be awesome. If not, this is a list of some of the sites that I would like to see


Do you have the link for one or more of the RSS feeds?

I can work on a generic RSS reader app. :wink:


I was able to find some RSS feeds for the websites. I think this could be a Latin America-specific RSS feed app so I have added a few other countries in there as well as possible titling for dropdown selections:

  • :earth_americas:Diario Red - LATAM

  • :earth_americas:El País - LATAM

  • :earth_americas:El País - Internacional

  • :earth_americas:DW - Español

  • - El Salvador

  • :mexico:El País - México

  • :argentina:El País - Argentina

  • :chile:El País - Chile

  • :colombia:El País - Colombia

  • :costa_rica:Semanario Universidad - Costa Rica

  • :guatemala:Prensa Libre - Guatemala

  • :brazil:El País - Brasil (ES)

  • :brazil:Agência Brasil (POR)

  • :brazil:Brasil de Fato (POR)

  • :brazil:CNN Brasil (POR)

Hope these feed links work, thank you

A generic RSS reader would be cool to play with too.


I’ve asked something similar here. You might want to reach out to the developer

I can easily adapt the current feed reader to have these in, without a PR. All the feeds I run are stored in a JSON file in my GitHub account & the app just pulls that in.

What I do not know - (i’d have to do some testing) - is the font I am using for the feeds - will it handle the accent characters, etc - but that’s an easy thing.

if someone (who speaks Spanish and/or Portuguese - I do not) - can put together a list with the following things:
1 - the url for the feed
2 - a SHORT description to appear at the top of the device - usually less than 10 characters
3 - a longer name to appear in the drop down of options for the app
4 - if we should only be displaying the title of the article - or should we try and show the description as well

once i get those - I can validate the RSS elements (there are 2 or 3 standard RSS feed structures, so my app has data to know what to look for) and possibly just push it into the existing application.

I can do that for you. Also, is it possible to have it formatted like the DW Headline, Sky News ones? I love how the latter integrates the site’s logo (avoiding any character limitation for the header) I also really like that font sizing (it appears to also give you the option to change the text size) and also it seems like they have both headlines and also description integrated.

Because I have built a generic reader – getting a logo for each of them is isn’t really “generic” then – it starts to become specific - since the logos aren’t in the feeds & they aren’t consistently available - we’d need to hard code them into the app - or have a json feed of them, etc (and 100% transparency - that’s not something i really want to do). And then you get into the business of a specific app with specific things for each feed – which isn’t the point of this app. You can certainly fork my code or the other dev’s code & build your own. I made this app so it was zero maintenance - but had the ability to consume just about any feed out there.

re: Description - Some of the feeds – the descriptions In them have a giant mess of HTML and they are way way too long to use effectively (like 500+ words) – remember - because of the 320px height limit of the scroll on Tidbyt - you only get so many rows of text before it cuts off. All the CNN feeds (even the specific app I built) or SlickDeals – you can’t use the descriptions – you wouldn’t even see 1 full post – that’s why I look at them and either enable RSS description or not depending on the way the publisher puts content in that field. A lot of the apps / feeds are titles only.

trying to keep the app & the device usable & effective for people

just to test - I put CNN brasil in this app really quick about 20 minutes ago (you can see it in the tidbyt app on your phone right now) just to see & the font doesn’t support the full character set - so I’d need to make more changes. More than likely I’d branch this out into it’s own app then - since the point behind the original app - was max amount of info in minimal amount of time & if I change the font - it’ll reduce the amount of data visible for other folks & other feeds & I don’t want to do that.

a new app isn’t something i can work on in the middle of the week - due to what I do for a living. But I’ll see if I can put together something that works over the weekend.

Oh please don’t mind me, it was just a suggestion (I am graphic designer so I have no idea about code, just how things look). I appreciate your time so anything that works and it is more efficient for you should be the way to go. You are right, titles only could work. Will provide you a list of the feeds and possible headers

it’s all good - I’ll work on the separate app for ES/PT/BR-PT - just trying to explain the challenges with trying to make a “generic” feed reader vs a specific feed reader.

let’s get the basics done first & see how popular it is - then we can discuss enhancements. I have no idea how many people would use this - but I’m happy to do the work & put it out there - since probably 85% of it is already done and reusable.

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Here are the long names and the shortened names as well, Hope these help. Let me know if anything else is needed

– Latin American Spanish

  • Diario Red - LATAM
    D. Red LAT

  • El País - LATAM

  • El País - Internacional

  • DW - Español
    DW ESP

  • - El Salvador

  • El País - México

  • El País - Argentina

  • El País - Chile

  • El País - Colombia

  • Seminario Universidad - Costa Rica
    SEM - CRC

  • Prensa Libre - Guatemala
    PL - GUATE

Brazilian Portuguese

  • El País - Brasil (POR)

  • Agência Brasil (POR)
    Ag. Brasil

  • Brasil de Fato

  • CNN Brasil
    CNN BR

that’s beautiful. Do you think it makes sense to “sort” them in the drop down by language or by country? what would be the “logical” way someone would look at it?

Also - pardon my 100% ignorance - everyone in Lat Am/South America basically speaks spanish - except for Brazil (Brasil) - correct? like there’s isn’t some part of Chile or Columbia that speaks Japanese (just joking obviously - but serious on the larger question).

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Actually, I have listed them in a particular order here.
International > Spanish-Speaking Countries > Portuguese Speaking Countries (Brasil)
So I guess they can indeed be sorted by language: Latin American Spanish | Brazilian Portuguese

Latin America is extremely multilingual and ethnically diverse actually, lots of indigenous languages as well as afro-languages, and of course romance languages (Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish). There was some migration from Japan to Brasil (which is home to the largest Japanese diaspora) and also Peru (like many other asian countries in the late 19th/early 20th century). Chile has the largest Palestinian diaspora in the Americas. The second largest Palestinian population in Latin America is actually in my home country of El Salvador. Fun fact, in the early 2000’s the main two presidential candidates running here were both Salvadorans of Palestinian descent.

Long blurb of text, in short, I graduated from college with a Major in Arts and Entertainment Technologies and with a Minor in Cultural Anthropology :joy: . So design and culture are two things I can be a geek about

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Wow - I just learned a whole lot in a very small window. Thanks for that. Gonna use those factoids this weekend when everyone is here for what has become a weekly pool party / cookout in the Atlanta, Georgia (US) area due to the heat.

Got it - will respect the list sequence - I’ll need to ponder a couple of changes on my end to the internal lookup pieces in case we want to add more - but not a big deal - just engineering.

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Hehe I live in Brazil :slight_smile:
Another fact is that we were colonized by Portugal while the other countries were colonized by Spain, that’s why the language is different.

One suggestion here.
Since this is going to be a LATAM News app, it would be nice if we could find RSS feeds for the most relevant news channels for each country. For example, Clarín is the most important newspaper in Argentina, and Folha de São Paulo in Brazil.

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I agree, oh god how did I forget Clarin. Hopefully they have an RSS feed as well as Folha de Sao Paulo.

This I knew. I paid attention in “some” classes.

They do, it’s the link I posted above! :smiley:

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@joevivona Ok so I found Clarin’s, they do have quite a few RSS categories. I would default for politics (usually the main LATEST NEWS feeds of sites have a ton of filler articles that are not that interesting). Maybe in the future we can actually do multiple categories for each major newspaper. That would be cool. But for now lets just keep it simple and see how it goes

under – Latin American Spanish –
Clarín - Argentina

under – Brazilian Portuguese –
Folha de São Paulo
Folha SP

(oops, I didn’t see that you have embedded the links)

Saw you built a new app - so yours should handle it from here - I don’t need to do anything then this weekend. great

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