RSS Feed Input

I just submitted a generic reader app as commented on the beginning of this topic.

But by all means, a dedicated LATAM News app is still very welcome!

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@joevivona Very true, a dedicated LATAM News app would be deeply appreciated it specially for multilingual folks that own Tidbyts.

@candido and @McDuck, the generic RSS reader app has been released!

Just search for “rss reader” in the app store.


@sitnik That’s so cool, I have been trying it out with the list I gathered previously and it has worked perfectly. (apart from a few rare cases, which I think it is how the sites are formatted, probably. Sometimes they things show up with

and a other artefacts when article content is on. This one for example País – Semanario Universidad

However it is no big deal since the overall of RSS feeds work wonderfully. Muchas gracias!

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That’s awesome. Thanks for doing this!

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Yes, some sites return the article content with some HTML formatting embedded. I guess there is RSS software out there that can render it like this. In other cases the content might not have HTML formatting but it could be too long to be displayed.

That’s why I left the option there to show/hide the content. :slight_smile:


@sitnik I love the array of options and customizability. It is awesome, I have used the colors to sorta match the branding colors of each respective News Site.

Btw, this is just an idea, the app is already great as it is, but would it be possible to have a tab as well to choose the font size. My eyesight isn’t that great, so it is hard to read small letters in general. I enjoy the font sizing of Guardian News by meejle. I know that it would only work for one article and description at a time and probably some content might get chopped off if too long, but it would be worth it on my end.

Again, I know you have put effort into the app already so I don’t want to put more work on you. I appreciate it