I saw that it shows certain stock prices but what about total portfolio prices using connection with Robinhood?


This is something I would love to support, but Robinhood doesn’t make portfolio info accessible to any other apps, at least as far as I can tell. Maybe if we can find somebody there and plead our case they’d make an exception…

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Would love if you could do this for TD Ameritrade! I believe they have it set to where other apps can access the info.

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Robinhood allows some apps to read the portfolio, take a look at Tradebase app, uses RH data,

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Huh, I have no idea how this is possible. I’ll look into it.

I have my portfolio laid out in a google sheet, along with some change metrics. Any chance you could pull a value from a specific cell?

Ideally it would pull in 15 minute intervals, during market hours only, and plot a chart throughout the day. I have a feeling a script could be done for this, but not sure how.

I’ve been building a Zapier integration, and Zapier hooks up with Google Sheets, so I think that would be the best way to do this.

Currently the integration is pretty basic — you can send some text or image to a Tidbyt when a zap is triggered. So like, the value of a specific cell or something. But I’m thinking about how to add support for a time series or chart.

There is an API for Robinhood. This is a Python library for it:

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Wow, that’s awesome. I guess I am bad at Google because I searched a ton but never found this. Thanks!

Can you be able to link the Robinhood App or Fidelity app to Tidbyt?

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Still investigating wether we can use the library that @IPv6Freely posted. Hopefully we can for Robinhood.

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Plus 1 for fidelity. Robin Hood not so enthusiastic about it. Would prefer Yahoo Finance to RH

I’m able to see my Robinhood invested balance in the Intuit Mint app. Not sure if that is helpful but Mint has access to that info on a real-time basis.

Hey @rohan I believe Tidbyt uses the IEX cloud API for stock prices right? I looked more into their API and I see that there are two types of pricing data on their website. The first being data coming directly from their API which comes at a cost of limited API calls, the second being price data coming directly from their exchange, which they say is unlimited. Which type of pricing data is yours using? Just want to know because the exchange price could be different to the actual trading price of stocks. Thanks!

Hey @Pissed_Off_Banker.

Not sure I’ve seen any real difference in pricing between data from their exchange vs other sources. FWIW, we’re currently using the latestPrice attribute from IEX Cloud’s quotes, which should prioritize IEX real time price and fall back to the consolidated tape. I definitely don’t have a strong understanding of stock markets and finance though, so maybe I’m missing something? =)

I was really hoping to use this for displaying in real time or close to real time, the current price for a Market index (like the S&P). This is similar to the data that is shown at the top of the page at, for example. Please let me know if this is at all possible.

I see, are you guys officially partnered up with IEX? Would the API key already be provided by you? Or are we going to have to sign up for an account under the free plan and put in the API key ourselves?

Tidbyt handles the API cost. As a user, all you have to do is decide which symbol to track, tap a button on your smartphone app and the stock will appear on your Tidbyt.

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I believe he most common way of tracking the S&P is via $SPY (“SPDR S&P 500 ETF”), and that’s totally doable on Tidbyt.

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Thanks for your reply. One last question… Do you know how delayed the quotes would be - if any?
Can’t wait to get my Tidbyt!