Private Pixlet Sharing & Configurations

Hello! Just got started with Tidbyt! Love it so far. I have 3 different apps I use for a private company API.

I would love to have settings in app instead of having to re-reploy each time. If local schema is a long way off, perhaps private + shareable to email apps in the community would be ideal?

Either way - love the product so far. Just curious to hear what the current discussion on the above is.

You can define local schema via the command line with pixlet render and update using a cron job. Basically let it update at specified times.

That’s about as local as you can get it as far as schema though at the moment.

Otherwise just share the .star file with others and let them run it themselves.

If you have the devices API keys you can push to other people’s tidbyt’s too (if they aren’t attached to your same email).

I would look at the docs in of you haven’t already for more information though.

Looks like you’re able to do this with GitHub actions, if you haven’t tried that already. Within that same thread I link, you’ll see an example of how to push params along with the pixlet render command (thanks to @pineapple)

One day we’ll get a local Schema!

Is there anyway to secure tokens over local solutions like this? Or is it safe to have a token in the code when pushing to others?

Secrets are only community, and since I cant have users configure the key locally I am not sure.

I hate assuming you haven’t read the documentation, but there is a small excerpt that talks about Secrets if you haven’t looked over the docs.

You might be able to pass in Secrets from GitHub through the Environments during the Action as you render the pixlet App to your device. You would just have to figure out handling the API Key on your end.

Yeah, secrets are community only, maybe hashing would work if it was just one way? Not sure.

I haven’t used a GitHub action to render anything, I’ve done the cron stuff before, but if you can specify command line stuff through a GitHub action then I guess it does work.

Unless you were referring to GitHub action just for the discussion thread you referenced?

Well this is tedious. I did not realize until fully reading lots of threads that the development Tidbyt apps dont even run when you push them. Suppose the webp should have been obvious.

Frustrating. I am trying to avoid installing pixlet on our workers but may have to.