Github Action to Render and Push to Tidbyt

Hey folks,

Here’s a quick writeup on running your App via a Github Action. Basically if you have a Starlark (.star) file in github, you can push updates to your Tidbyt on a schedule (or other event trigger such as a PR) instead of managing your own system for the purpose.

I’m not sure about the rules about linking to self-hosted articles, but the content is a bit long for a post. Let me know if I need to do that anyway.


I really wish that Schemas would work with apps pushed using the API. This would help reduce the bugs and allow us to use a method like above to test our Apps over a longer period of time


You can specify them via the command line when you render. pixlet render config1=True harder with some schemas and it just working would be great, but those configs would have to get stores somewhere if they were available with pushing via the API.

@pineapple Out of curiosity, is this available in the documentation somewhere? I don’t remember seeing the config able to be passed in the params - but glad they can be!

There wasn’t but, I just submitted a PR to the repo to add an example in the schema section of the docs.

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