Outlook Calendar Issue

I can setup the Outlook Calendar and it works great for a couple of hours then stops working and I get the error icon.

Anyone have this issue?

Hi there - sorry to hear that you are having this problem.
Which error icon do you see - is it on your mobile device (Cloud with a slash through it?) or something on the Tidbyt display?


I am getting the error in the app. Cloud with a slash through it.

Thank you for the information. I am looking to see what might be causing this and will update you soon.

Ok, one more question. Are you using an enterprise Outlook account (work/school) or personal account? If it’s enterprise, does your IT require multi factor authentication (sends a code or notification to your phone when you log in)? Thanks in advance. Matt

I have the same problem with a cloud with a line through it. It says I’m connected to my outlook account but never displays anything. It is an enterprise account that requires authentication through Okta

Ok. This is likely due to Okta/your organization periodically revoking credentials. Similar to what you might see on your mobile device when having to re authenticate with Okta to see your email, etc. I’m releasing an updated version of the app so that you’ll see on your Tidbyt when you need to login again so you won’t get that mystery cloud icon anymore. Unfortunately, having to login daily or every few hours is set by your organizations IT policy.

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Thank you for looking into this!

Are we able to generate an API app key for this?

I’m seeing the same problem. Work/corporate MSFT O365 with Authenticator Enabled (required).

We need a feature that allows you to “stay logged in” as our system expires the “stay logged in” after 90 days.

We are set for 90d but it still kicks me out of the Outlook meeting widget. Are you all working to resolve it.

Ok I released a new version that will throw the error message onto your display. Please let me know what it says - it should no longer show the cloud with a line through it. Once we have that, I can address. Thank you for bearing with this extra step. So far, every error I’ve seen is related to Multi-Factor authentication (like Okta) revoking the credentials which typically happens a minimum of evry 12 hours, but can happen sooner than that depanding on your network behavior. And yes, I agree there needs to be a feature to login again when that happens. But want to first make sure that @wiredup situation isn’t something else.

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@Matt - I see the banner. The issue is the app “expires” my login very shortly after authenticating. Why doesn’t the system sustain my authentication to the expiry which is 90d for me?

It’s pointless to re-authenticate daily.

And yes, this is a 2FA issue… somehow we need to retain the authentication after 2FA and “remained logined” is set.

@wiredup - I reread your note more carfeully…when you say expires “very shortly” do you mean within minutes? IF so, this gets me thinking about a report that I heard from an IT deparment I was working with toward the beginning of the year. And I need to take this topic with the @Tidybyt team. Thanks again for your patience on this topic.

@Matt - thanks for the follow-up.

What I am saying is that within a matter of 3-4 hours, my calendar will fail to update. I know explicitly that “keep me logged in” is set to 90d b/c I administer my own company’s Office 365 system.

I suspect that tidbyt isn’t sustaining the connection in a way that is satisfying MSFT’s authentication. It is in turn trying to “reauthenticate” and failing due to 2FA b/c MSFT sees it as “new.”

Hi @wiredup I know that some time has passed, but was able to find an issue with the code a few weeks back and release a new version of the applet. I also updated the applet to render the error message from MSFT which another user then reported to me and helped to debug (it turns out that it had nothing to do with enterprise policy). If you dont mind trying again, would love to hear if it’s working better for you. Thanks again and my apologies for the issues you’ve had with the Calendar app.

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Anyone else having issues with this app lately? It was working fine for months, and now I get a “Auth Failure 400” error (followed by a super long string of text). I am using a corporate 365 account with 2FA, but I’m also an admin. Didn’t have this issue until about a week ago. I’ve removed and reinstalled the app - it will work for a few hours then the same error appears.

We just went through a major IT infrastructure update. I am waiting on the team to update Tidbyt. I will update when I can check it.

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Any updates on the Outlook Calendar issue? Same “Auth Failure 400” error persists, even after reinstalling app.