NHL Live App

Can the developer please fix the NHL Live App? I have the NY Rangers as the team and it shows that their next game is 10/14 vs WPG when in reality it is tonight vs Tampa Bay.

Sorry about that. I found a couple bugs this past week during preseason that weren’t obvious when this was released during the playoffs earlier this year. I did submit a PR on Saturday that I think should take care of them - just waiting on it to be reviewed/merged. You might be able to do a workaround by setting it to the TB game tonight.

edit: it should also fix a bug where the game update line get stuck on “next game …” for the first hour".


Thank you very much for the quick response!

Just updating that the PR was merged/deployed today. So far, things look better.

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The merge seems to be working perfectly for me.

Would you be willing to consider adding a “Game Day Only” toggle? I love to keep my rotation restricted to displays relevant for a particular day, and would love to see my various hockey teams appearing only on days they actually play? If it isn’t too much work to add, at least.

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I think “Game Day Only” may be only available for Tidbyt created apps. But I’ll look into it some more and will add it if possible.

edit: I found an app that does it - I’ll look to add it this weekend and try get it out by next week’s merge.

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