NHL API Change?

It seems the NHL may have changed the API that several Tidbyt apps are making use of?

This seems to be making the following Apps not function properly for Professional Hockey:
NHL Live
Sports Scores
NHL Next Game
(But NOT the apps created by Lunchbox 8484)

Is there anyone who could check into what updates the above apps will need to work with what presumably is a new/updated API for the NHL?

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Yeah, looks like surprised everyone and changed the URL to


Don’t know if there were any changes to the API methods but more here:

@pineapple Any chance you can look into that change for your amazing apps?

Already have a PR. Likely to still need some bug fixes and what not, but it should at least show something now. Can check out the PR on GitHub that I opened in tidbyt community.

But some of the codes have changed, and only did a few edge checks. But should cover most of them.

Edit: PR for sports scores specifically


Looks like the update to sports scores app works for the most part. I have partially checked OT edge cases, but not completely. But it at least doesn’t seem to break for now which is good.

Seems to be working really well! Really appreciate your efforts! Except not sure what happened here – we’re in the last 5 minutes of the game in question:

Just updating that the NHL Live update should be ready this week. The API change was a surprise and fairly impactful. The bulk of the work was completed yesterday … testing, edge cases, caching, etc is left.


Hmm that’s a game status thing. If the status is not PRE, FUT, OFF, LIVE, FINAL, it does not know what to do so reports out the status (I’m assuming this means critical?) This is the behavior so it does not error everything else out). I watched that game too, I don’t remember there being anything weird except for the double minor, but that wasn’t even in the final 5 minutes.

I’ll keep an eye out and see… Sorry for the late reply, missed this reply.

edit: let me know if you see it again.

I definitely think you fixed the CRIT FINAL etc. This is great!! Since I know you are as much a perfectionist as I am about things like this, I figured you’d find the below NHL interesting. I haven’t seen it do other games like that (Period 4!) when in Overtime, so this might only occur when it goes to FINAL? Maybe there’s a way to make “FINAL” behave the same way “F” behaves, i.e., treat the game as having an “F” status and a winner etc. Such a minor point that it probably can also be ignored, but I figured I’d share just in case.

Yes, it does do that for OT and SO. (4 and 5 respectively). I thought I caught that… Along with 2OT and what not. I’ll have to check why they didn’t catch it. Not horrible but I’ll have to take a look when I get a chance. Not a huge issue though. But may be a couple of weeks until I get to it. But I’ll be sure to look into it at some point

Edit: put a PR in to show OT and SO during the live game status. Should also show 2OT during finals, but hopefully I did not break something else in doing so.