NFL scores app

I really like the app the only thing I would change/add is a way of slowing down the speed of which it changes between games. I think the speed it’s switching is a little too fast for most people and would love to be able to switch it to half or even a quarter of the speed. That would be a nice ad for any app that is showing multiple screens of information within the one app an ability to change the rate between each screen. Thank you.

agree 100% it is way to fast!

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So I made the app and there is an update coming soon that certainly helps. But until that’s live, right now you can install the app twice, and on the first app instance select “1st Half” on the “Scores to Display” setting. Then on the second instance, select “2nd Half”. This will split the scores up between the two instances, making it slower.


cool, looking forward to update, thanks for your work :+1:

The updated app version should now be live! Check out the updates here: NFL / MLB / NHL / NBA / MLS / NCAAF Scores Apps


Hey cmarkham20 … thanks again for all of your work! I’m seeing the updates on the five professional sports apps but can’t find the NCAAF product. I’ve searched by several key items including your new user name. Thanks.

Thank you so very much. Just loaded it onto one of my units and it’s working great, I should note that I set up the MLB app first. Thank you for your hard work, well done.

Phenomenal, I just got mine yesterday and this helps explain how to set this up. Can’t wait to get the rest of the sports set up!