Mlb/ sports

Sports updates such as current baseball/hockey etc scores

This is currently in progress. We’re aiming to have NBA and MLB be our first sports apps.


This is what I would use it for most!! NHL, NFL, College Football added would be great. Would the app flash through scores?

The NBA prototype we’ve been working on shows scores from a team’s last game, time of the next scheduled game, and live scores while a game is in progress. How this will look and work when we release it depends a bit on what our API providers can and can’t do, but so far it looks pretty promising.


That sweet, just reserved mine!

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Will the sports apps have the functionality to roll though the days scores!!


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Live scores of English Premier League games would be awesome ! My LaMetric does it (kinda) so happy to help (my help I mean fumble around and perhaps accidentally get something working)

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Plus 1 for Soccer scores

It would be great to have the option to integrate betting odds

NBA and college basketball will be great

Echo NBA and College BBall

UK Football (Soccer to you) - Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 - All of them please. There are even lower leagues.

NBA scores would be fantastic, maybe some integration with betting line odds as well?