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I’d be very happy with a less glamorous presentation for college sports. I’d pay for a premium subscription if we got scrolling scores (not just one team per league) and if we also got betting odds. I have some connections with some offshore sportsbooks as well, if it would help in order to secure access to odds.

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I too would be happy with less glamorous presentation of college sports. I too would consider paying for a premium subscription if it was scrolling scores or maybe like a “current scores around the league thing” with just the abbreviations of teams too if that is easier to code when dealing with multiple teams.


Yeah I was running into API cost for EPL soccer API. If getting some of these sports APIs covered by you guys with a premium subscription, I’d be down if it wasn’t outrageous. Leagues I’d love to see (ranked):

Soccer in general (pick a league and a team within that league)

Just got my Tidbyt on Sunday and I’m loving it.

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Hi Mark,

Just received my Tidbyts in the mail yesterday, and I love them.

My general suggestion is to get the good-enough prototypes out as soon as is reasonable to satisfy the quickly growing number of users you have now that shipping is happening in earnest. It seems a perfectly reasonable approach to roll out a college sports app with streamlined scope (not worrying about colors/logos initially) to get something workable out there that provides data updates (scores, schedules, etc.). I realize that it may feel a bit wrong to not roll out perfectly beautiful looking apps (I’m a perfectionist, I get it), but my feeling is that this is not the time for perfection - you can refine these apps down the road. Quick and dirty development does two things: it gives the growing user base something (however basic initially) and it allows you to gauge interest to help make the broader decisions you are contemplating now (premium subscription approach, buying more data access, etc.). Just make it clear when you roll out the early versions that they are not perfect and they will be updated. Be realistic about when updates will be made, and tell your customers so that expectations are set up front.

You’re gonna sell more premium subscriptions if you can show the potential of what that will buy you, and the only way to do that is to pick a couple of key apps, and focus progressive development (v1, v2, etc) to show how things will be evolving. Not sure if it is obvious based on feedback of those buying Tidbyts what sports look like the ones to focus on, but college sports (particularly basketball and football) seems to be a biggie. My vote is for soccer and MLB, but I’m not sure if I’m in the majority.

I would maybe do some demographic research on who’s buying Tidbyts, and assess these profiles to help you make these decisions. It could be as easy as putting together a simple survey asking key questions of your user base, and going from there.

I’m sure you all have been thinking about a lot of this already, and are just too short-handed to get it all addressed. Best of luck in getting new folks hired and involved. My vision for you is to have an app store similar to Apple’s where you have a lot of this work crowdsourced - also a great business model for you I think.

I’m not a programmer, but I’d love to help on anything that made sense for me to contribute on.


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I would love to see scores and standings for NHL / Specific NHL teams. I know I can get it on Alexa but would prefer it on this device, more noticeable.

Would love to see an interface where one can choose the specific sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Prem League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Tennis, Golf, Formula 1…) and/or specific teams (LA Dodgers, Chicago Bulls, Seattle Kraken, Portland Timbers, Manchester City, Juventus, Dortmund, Djokovic, Jordan Spieth, Lewis Hamilton…etc) to follow along…not just one sport or even one team.


Is there an update on an MLB integration? I know the league is on strike right now but I was hoping to see this feature this season.


I would love F1 integration when the season kicks back off. Even just point standings or lap times during a race would be amazing.

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UK Football (Soccer) for me

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Regarding graphics and colors for college teams (or other leagues for that matter), why not make those options for the app?

You can build a basic app that has the basic information, and then let the fans/users select the team logo and set the colors. Less work for the developers and fun for the users!

Qualifying results on Saturday, lap times, laps to go, current lap and standings on Sunday!

Prem League would be great, but would also love integrating Serie A, MLS, Bundesliga, La Liga etc

I too am hoping they have it up when the season starts (hopefully on time). I’ve been avoiding writing my own code since they have apparently already started working on one.