Introducing pinning and muting of apps!

Hi everyone!

Following up from one of our previous posts where we talked a bit about being able to prioritize apps, we have been exploring some different ways of doing this. Our first feature that is now available on both iOS and Android adds the ability to pin and mute apps that you have installed on your Tidbyt, without having to remove them completely.

Say that you want to only see Spotify or the football game for the rest of the evening, you can then pin the app to be the only one that is being displayed. You can also pin multiple apps that you want to prioritize. Similarly, you can also hide apps from your rotation by muting them and unmuting them when you want them to show again.

How to use:

  • Make sure that you are running the latest version (1.219.17) of the Tidbyt app on your phone
  • Long press any of your installed app icons to bring up a new menu.
  • Select pin or mute.
  • If you choose to mute, the application will get dimmed and not shown in the app rotation
  • If you pin the app, it will get moved to the top in the app list.
  • While long pressing, you can also move the app to switch the order of the apps

More to come

We are continuing to look into some common requests like how to manage apps that need longer time to display information and how we best handle that. Unrelated to that, we are also rolling out some new exciting features in the next coming days, stay tuned!


Any chance of scheduling pins?


This is fantastic … particulalry for sports fans. Dramatically improves the product experience. Thanks!


This is exactly the #1 thing I’d most wanted since I got my Tidbyt and so far the implementation is absolutely perfect to me. Thank you!


THIS IS AMAZING NEWS. Such a “small” quality of life improvement (that undoubtedly took a lot of work behind the scenes). This fixes my largest issue with Tidbyt (which I love) in a very elegant way. Kudos!


Thank you for this. Works great.

If there would be a way to auto-pin an app like Spotify when playing that would be perfection.


Thank you guys! Pinning and muting is powerful, especially when paired with a Google Home.

Are there any plans to add pinning and muting to the API? I’m working on a Home Assistant integration and would love if we could pin or mute from Home Assistant

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The app, the display, the whole concept is awesome. I just upgraded to my third display.
I would love to see pinning in correlation to an app that only shows at certain times.
In my case: The sonos App only shows when I am playing. I would love to pin the app but only when it is in use. If I pin the app right now I only see the tidbyt logo when I am not playing anything. Would love that feature

You are doing an amazing work

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The Spotify app works like this: shows on Tidbyt when playing, does not when I pause. :sunglasses: Probably just a matter of the Sonos app getting updated now with muting available.

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Can I suggest that if all the currently pinned apps are unavailable (i.e. they are all displaying the clockface icon), then the Tidbyt automatically reverts to cycling though the apps as normal?

This means I can (for example) pin the Spotify app, and it will remain permanently on screen whenever there is music playing, but once the music stops, and there is nothing to display, it will automatically revert to the normal app cycle.


This, this should be a must

Figured I’d bump this with another +1. I’d like to pin Spotify, but don’t want it to hold the other apps hostage when it’s inactive.

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This please, this should be a must feature

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+1 for this - I’ve been trying to figure out if I could automate this using IFTTT, but it would be great if the app could natively pin only when something is playing!