Easy Toggle on/off apps

It would great if you could easily toggle apps on/off. There are times I ONLY want to see a single app (or only a few) like a clock, or perhaps a stock ticker or a sports team score. I envision this as opening the TIDBYT app and there is a toggle button shown for each app for on/off - NOT within the app, but on (or just above) each small image of the app on the TIDBYT home screen. In other words I don’t want to have to open each app to toggle it on or off. Also a “Toggle ALL on/off” would make this even easier.

I agree with this one. Currently I have to delete and then reconfigure each app if you want to change it up. But there should be easy on off toggles for each app config


With the lack of custom scheduling, this would allow someone to, as an example, turn off the NFL scores app except Sunday or the College football scores app, except on Saturdays. Same for when the seasons are over vs deleting and re-adding.


love this idea. Sports apps particularly are useless on non-gamedays.
Beyond that, I’d love the option to have a night mode that includes more than just a clock.

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ASAP NEED! I totally agree with this, or have different ‘Schedules’ such as could could have a work one with just things you want to see during your work day. A Chill / Game one when your at your desk at night, and weekend one when you want to prioritize sports. Lots of possibilities but yes the on/off toggle would be the start!

Heard loud and clear. The team is actively working on this and we hope to have something out soon.


Just released


This is perfect! Or nearly so :wink: Thanks for making this happen!