Development Help

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner developer, I have experience in Python but am having trouble even starting to develop for my newly delivered Tidbyt. I tried to follow the steps via the Github but I am having trouble even getting to the point where I can input code. I have a mac and have install brew and pixelet. but I can seem how to find the code editor to even start coding. There are no videos on youtube, which is my normal go to. Please help. Thank you!

here are some instructions on how to run the on your machine

  1. create a new directory for your apps to live

mkdir ~/tidbyt-apps

  1. create a new file for the bitcoin code to live

touch ~/tidbyt-apps/

  1. open this file in your code editor (example with VS Code)

code ~/tidbyt-apps/

  1. Copy the code from the repo and add it to this file.
  2. run the serve command

pixlet serve ~/tidbyt-apps/

  1. open your browser to

hope this helps!


When I type, number 5 in your instructions, I get command not found: pixlet. Does my tidbyt-apps file have to be in same directory at the pixlet files?

that steps assumes you have pixlet installed. did you successfully install pixlet using homebrew? and no, assuming the installation was successful, you should be able run pixlet from any directory

This is the error I get when I try to run - " brew install tidbyt/tidbyt/pixlet

Running brew update --preinstall

fatal: Could not resolve HEAD to a revision

Warning: No available formula with the name “webp” (dependency of tidbyt/tidbyt/pixlet).

==> Searching for similarly named formulae…

Error: No similarly named formulae found.

==> Searching for a previously deleted formula (in the last month)…

Error: No previously deleted formula found.

==> Searching taps on GitHub…

Error: No formulae found in taps.

I’m on a macbook pro m1 and didn’t have any problems with the installation. but i’d try these steps

Sounds like you’re missing the webp dependency:

brew install webp

Exactly what I needed to pass the first steps