Developer help // Shopify App

Hi there,

Wondering if any devs out there have already played around with this or want to give it a rip?

The idea is an app that could connect to a Shopify store to show sales/time period such as daily, monthly, yearly, etc., similar to the cryptocurrency tracker.

Let me know if anyone is doing this or interested in trying!

Definitely want to do this for my Shopify store. I just got my Tidbyt up and running so it’ll be a while before I dive into Shopify.


While I haven’t built one specifically for Shopify, I have built a couple Pixlets for displaying sales data for other ecommerce platforms like Salesforce B2C Commerce (Demandware) and WooCommerce.

Here is an example of one I built that updates every 5 minutes using my Homebridge plugin:

The star file for this is purely for rendering as I pull all of the metrics using a Node.js module in the Homebridge plugin.

This is dope!

Would it be easy to plug Shopify into this?

This is badass! Would LOVE to see this type of thing with Shopify!