Cycle Through Subway Lines

The app appears to be sorting trains by line and then by time. Should sort by direction and then time.

When the subway app is used the Tidbyt does not cycle through the available lines. For example, Sterling Street station in Brooklyn has a 2 and a 5 line, but only the 2 line shows up on the actual display. Should show the next departing train to Manhattan and to Flatbush on the 2 line and 5 line.

Thanks for the feedback! Let me look into why the 5 isn’t showing up.

We’re also considering making it so that you can just pick a direction and see only trains in that direction, since most folks seem to generally be going in one direction. Would you find that useful?

Absolutely! I dont usually need the brooklyn bound train while in brooklyn.

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OK, great to know! We tracked down the bug here for why the 5 isn’t showing up and will have it fixed soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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Alright, both the 2 and 5 should show up now! By default, we are now showing whatever two trains are departing next, regardless of direction. But you can also go in and select a specific direction:


Something has certainly changed, I can see the options to filter by direction, and have had the 5 train show up, but currently I see the same train twice.

Hey MKain,

I just deployed a fix that should take care of this issue. It turns out we had a second bug in there, that only manifested itself after running for several hours. We’ll make sure to monitor this particular app more closely for the next few days, just in case something else pops up.

Terribly sorry, and thank you for reporting the problem!

This is the feature I’m interested in!

I live in the Washington, D.C. area and always wanted a Metro next train sign to have near my front door that looks similar to the ones in the stations. Is this device already work with the DC Metro train times API? I’m not a dev, so I’m not confident I’d be able to figure out how to do this on my own.

Our current transit integrations are pretty NYC-specific. I’ve started working on a kind of “generic” transit app that covers a large number of other cities, including DC. At first it might not have the specific DC Metro icons and stuff like we do for NYC, but it will do the job!

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Love this project and what you are building. Was thinking maybe a good idea could be to cycle through the next 4 trains arriving at any given station? In the same way the signs do in the actual station. Tidbyt could display the two closest trains (regardless of direction) and then the next two, with each showing for 5-10 seconds. Thoughts?