Washington Metro Select Direction

Me (and many others) bought a Tidbyt for the transit display features. It would be much, much more functional if we could select a single direction to display. This has been done in the NYC Subway app, and would make it way more functional.

I’m a developer and would also be happy to create the functionality myself if someone could point me to the code’s repo (I can’t find it anywhere).

If this feature was added, I’d be much more likely to refer friends to buy a Tidbyt if this feature was added!

Thank you so much!

Here ya go GitHub - tidbyt/community: A publishing platform for apps developed by the Tidbyt community 🚀

It’ll only be in there if it’s a community written app. If it’s an official Tidbyt app then you can’t edit it and you’d have to write the whole app yourself. edit. oh yeah it looks like it’s an official app. You’ll have to hope the tidbyt guys will make that update for you.

It would be great if they also allowed you to show how far out you want to see arrival times. Mine is always displaying trains arriving in under 5 minutes even though it takes about 7 to get to the platform. Would love that built in without having to build something myself.


Yeah, honestly this would also work. Currently it just looks nice and isn’t really functional


We also need the ability to have it display the station you have selected. I have two stations about equal distance, so I like to see the times for both.

Also, is anyone noticing that the times are not in sync with what Metro shows?

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