Cricket scores

Hi all,

Just received my Tidbyt here in the UK and love it so far. Has anyone managed to write an app which displays cricket scores yet? The display lends itself perfectly and just wondered if anyone had produced anything?



That’s a good shout, I am thinking about buying one but a little concerned it might be a bit USA centric, like you say cricket scores would work really well on this device.

I’m working on one right now, two actually. One for test matches and one for T20 matches. You select your team of choice and it will show either the most recent result, live score, next scheduled game or just a static message if there are no scheduled games. It just depends on what the Cricinfo API considers a “current game” for that team

Here’s a gif of how it looks for a live test match

It should be published soon


Wow - that would be a game changer. Good luck with the development!

I bought a “Liveboard” year ago, but the support for that has ended. I proposed a cricket version to my bosses at Sky Sports here in the UK but that never got off the ground. It looks like your plan might just be what people have been waiting for.

Only one suggestion - you might want to add “List A” cricket too - as that would include One Day Internationals which would keep everyone happy.

Many thanks in advance for keeping us cricket fans happy!


Cheers! I will definitely do an ODI version as well, but I’m just waiting for some games to be played so I can do testing. It will likely be the same as the T20 app.

I managed to preview the BBL app on my computer and then managed to push the .star file to my Tidbyt which was a major success story in itself given my lack of technical skills.

On http://localhost:8080/ an error occurred when I selected the Sydney Thunder and - while I could select a team on the app on my computer - the results from yesterday and today seemed to work perfectly - there was no selector on the app on the Tidbyt.

Am I missing something (probably!)?

Hey Benedict,

Thanks for testing out my app! When you push it to your Tidbyt from the computer you don’t get the chance to choose from the options, it just pushes out what is the default option in the app. At the moment its Melb Stars. If you want to play around with it, you can change the team ID at line 21 and the team IDs are listed from line 697 onwards.

What was the error that came up when you chose Thunder?


If I pick Renegades or Thunder I get a red message at the bottom of my browser saying:

error running script: Traceback (most recent call last): in main Error in in_location: unknown time zone Australia/Adelaide

Does that make sense?

I reckon it might be something to do with the fact that Adelaide time is GMT + 10:30 - maybe it can’t cope with fractions of hours?

Both the Thunder and Renegades play tomorrow (Thursday) - I should know as I am producing the highlights of the match here in the UK for broadcast! Hehehehe.

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It’s working fine during the live match - totally uptodate.

The error now occurs when I pick Strikers & Heat for some reason.

Yep that makes sense. You’re seeing the error for games that have a future scheduled start time

The error regarding the time zone means that you dont have zoneinfo set up on your computer so it doesn’t recognise timezones in the code. You can download it here -

Then the other thing would be to replace the default timezone “Australia/Adelaide” in the code with your own timezone (Europe/London). You don’t have to do this, but only if you want to show the start time of the match in your time.

This is only for testing though and when the app gets published it will pick up the timezone from the Tidbyt itself

Let me know how it goes!

I’m probably being a pedant, but that is exactly right - today’s live games worked perfectly and the scores from yesterday’s is still there too.

The issue today only affects the Sydney Sixers - as they haven’t played for a couple of days and are scheduled to play tomorrow.

I unzipped the time zone data to the folder on my hard disk, and I also changed the line in the .star file to Europe/London but the same error happened.

It’s obviously close to launch, so the problem is clearly my end, but in terms of live scores, it seems to work perfectly.

Did you add the environmental variable for the time zone folder?

Glad to hear its working perfectly otherwise and yes hopefully its not too far from being published and you can try it out properly :slightly_smiling_face:

Any chance you could help me with a premier league one? Or arsenal :joy:

Hey @Biggsie4 ,

There is soccer app which does a lot of European leagues, including EPL, just search for Mens Soccer. It also does FA Cup and UCL.

Also if you’re interested I made an app which shows league tables called Soccer Tables so you can admire your Gunners at the top of the league all day long :smiley:

this is good and I have added it so thank you very much.
I was just really hoping I could find one with a different format so could be like

Tottenham 0

and possibly live
thank you for yours though

If you change the display type option to Retro, that might be closer to what you were looking for? The scores are live, and shows minutes played

The BBL app is now available :grinning:

Works great here - many thanks.

Your next challenge is to get it to cover the Women’s World T20, due to start on 10 February!

Cricket really is a year-round sport now.

Although having said that, the Heat-Thunder game doesn’t seem to be working right now - it isn’t picking up the lie score from the api for some reason. The scheduled games in the future are there, but not this one currently being played.

Yeh I just noticed that, they’ve removed part of the API which I was pulling the batting side info from…

I’ve updated my code to get that info from another part and its working again, but will need to go through the publishing process again to get it updated. Oh well.

I’ve just submitted apps for the SA20 and ILT20 tournaments too, I’ll have to fix them up too

Good idea on the Womens T20, I’ll get onto that one