Configure WiFi connection without losing settings and apps

At work, our WiFi password changes monthly.

So I must factory reset my device and reconfigure it every month.

That is just not sustainable.

Network connectivity / connection should be configurable without losing settings or apps.

This seems like an obvious baseline feature-add.

I like to take mine to work and put it at my desk; it seems like profiles of apps and wifi connections would be appropriate.


And I’ll have to reset my Tidbyt 10 times in that time.

Bumping this topic up because I’m in the same boat. Hit the office this morning and the WiFi password changed. It’s almost unconscionable how bad of an oversight this is—why would you not be able to change the WiFi password within the app and just have it update the device no different from adding or removing an app?

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Came to the office with the “Connecting…” screen again this morning.

This feature request is base functionality for a network-connected device.