Complete Lack of Scenes / Group Options

One of my biggest disappointments with the Tidbyt app was the lack of scene options. What if I want my Tidbyt to only display “gaming” apps for a while while I play video games? Or only display sports while the games are occurring? I would have to literally disable every app I did not want, and re-add it later.

I want to be able to make scenes / groups and enable / disable them at will.

Examples -

“Installed Apps” Group similar to how the app is now, the default.

“Group 1” with apps 2, 6, 10, 11 and 13

“Group 2” with apps 5, 7, and 8

If you are confused at all please leave a comment I really feel like this feature could help out a lot.

You can pin particular apps and it will only cycle through those apps. Then un-pin them to go back to your normal list

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This is by far the most common feature request. You can find new requests about this every other day, with different wording - tabs, groups, scenes.
Here are a few of them, you can easily find them using the search bar:

I’m sure this is on it’s way, considering the feedback.

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True true, but still a dedicated group preset would be very useful

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